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Headache & Migraine

FDA gives approval to battery powered migraine prevention

2014-03-12 19:14
TENS unit keeps migraines at bay for half of sufferers

The FDA has approved the first drug-free nerve stimulator for migraine headache prevention. The manufacturer, CEFALY Technology, made the announcement today in a press release. Migraine sufferers studied were able to reduce their medication use and had less frequent bouts of migraines.

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Migraine headache: 5 things to know

2013-11-23 09:27
5 new things to know about migraine headache tests and treatment.

Experts have released new guidelines for treating migraine headache. What should you do and what shouldn't you do if you suffer from migraines?

Thanks to research we now understand more about migraine headaches. Experts have released new guidelines that they say are important for patients and clinicians when it comes to treating migraines.

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