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Obesity Cause and Help

Exercise Releases Fat-Shedding Hormone

2016-10-11 16:31

Exercise not only will burn off excess calorie storage, but may also help release chemicals within the body that keeps fat from forming!

Many, many research studies show the benefits of regular physical activity – not the least of which is helping one reach a healthy weight.

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Citrus Fruits A Natural Way to Protect Your Health

2016-08-22 16:22

Adding a serving of citrus fruits to your diet may help prevent the harmful negative effects of obesity, find researchers at the American Chemical Society.

Health experts recommend that each American strive for at least two servings of fruit per day – equally about 2 cups.

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Prevent Your Diet Plan from Failing with Simple Advice

2016-07-15 14:25

Why did your diet plan fail last time? It is likely that you have not chosen a diet that fits with your lifestyle.

Most of us tackle weight loss with a vengeance – setting off on a super strict diet and brutal exercise plan. The problem?

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Obesity Interfering with Progress against Heart Disease Risk

2016-06-30 15:27

Heart disease and stroke together take a greater toll on America’s health than any other condition. But we are losing the battle against this disease, partly due to our excess weight and increasing incidence of Type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, the cost of cardiovascular disease in the US is more than $500 billion per year.

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Office Cake Culture Contributing to Weight Gain

2016-06-28 13:58

Does your office frequently cater meetings? Do you often have parties for celebrations such as promotions, birthdays, or retirement? If so, your work life may be contributing to your weight concerns.

Did you know that according to a recent survey by, 41% of the US workforce states that t

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Dads Have Big Influence on Their Childrens Weight

2016-06-27 15:57

Men - the little ones are watching. You may not realize it, but you play a vital role in your children developing healthy behaviors that will last into their adulthood.

There have been several studies about the role that mothers have on children eating more healthfully and getting more physical activity.

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The Connection Between Sleep and Diet

2016-06-14 13:50

While you may not realize it, there is a big connection between your weight and how you sleep at night. Several studies point to the need to eat a healthier diet and get more exercise – and lose excess weight if needed.

Much research has been done regarding the correlation between chronic sleep disruption and weight gain.

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How The Time Spent In Your Car Contribute To Your Weight Loss

2016-06-10 11:54

How far do you drive to and from work each day? If you are in your car for more than an hour, you may want to consider what it is doing to your health.

Obviously, a sedentary lifestyle is one risk factor for obesity. Most of us can work harder toward being more active in our daily lives.

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