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Extreme obesity may catastrophically decrease life expectancy

2014-07-09 13:03
Too obese to work

There has been deepening concerns about the growing obesity epidemic worldwide. Obesity appears to be primarily due to unhealthy eating patterns and sedentary lifestyles. Obesity is associated with a myriad of serious health conditions. Recent research has shown that the decrease in life expectancy with extreme obesity is often catastrophic.

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Nature and nurture are at the root of food addiction

2014-06-16 16:39
Sweet addicting desserts

As the obesity epidemic becomes more apparent the problem of food addiction has surfaced as a serious problem. The problem is so serious some interests have suggested that one of the most addicting high calorie foods, sugar, is actually a drug and should be regulated as if it is a drug. New research indicates nature and nurture play a role in food addiction.

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You may be drinking higher levels of harmful sugar in soda than you thought

2014-06-11 18:13
Sugary soda

Excess fructose has been associated with serious health problems. We like to think that at least we may be able to place some controls over the risk from fructose in soda due to labels which help us monitor our consumption of this harmful sugar. However, recent research shows the labels on soda may be misleading and you may be consuming more harmful sugar than you thought.

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Feeding kids veggies early and often is best: 4 patterns

2014-06-09 23:43

Eating a lot of vegetables has been shown to really be beneficial for the healthy growth and development of kids. Yet, it is often difficult to get kids to develop a taste for vegetables. It appears from research that starting kids off on vegetables early in life and feeding them vegetables often is the best approach to helping to avoid problems with a desire to eat vegetables as they are growing up.

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Obese candidates have little chance in U.S. elections

2014-05-26 15:21
An image of a thin and fit President Obama

It has been suspected by many people ever since the founding of the United States that to be successful as a political candidate one of the most important factors is you have to look good. It appears that obese candidates are scorned by the typical American voter as representing something very undesirable. A positive assessment of the trend to elect thin and fit candidates to political office in the USA could be that Americans want their political leaders to be healthy and to evoke images of being healthy.

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