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Obesity Cause and Help

Cooking At Home Trumps Dining Out And Positively Affects Your Health, New Research

2017-03-15 13:01

Dining-in is the one way to resurrect both your health and your spending, since dining out is less healthy overall than cooking at home, according to the latest research.

Sorry restaurant lovers – we’ve got some bad news for you… that restaurant habit you have – studies show it’s really unhealthy.

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Combat Obesity with Broccoli - How Broccoli Defeats Obesity

2017-03-13 16:01

Broccoli is more than just a high-fiber, low calorie food. It also contains a powerful phytochemical that can help defeat obesity.

I’m sure most of us can still hear our moms saying “Eat Your Broccoli – it’s good for you.” As always, mom knows best.

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Overweight babies can be prevented with low sugar breast milk

2017-03-05 23:24

Researchers have found sugars which pass through breast milk can cause babies to be overweight. Breast feeding mothers should be careful about their consumption of sugar in order to protect their babies from gaining too much weight.

Good nutrition is the most essential feature of healthy development of babies.

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What Cats and Dogs Teach Us About Avoiding Feline Diabetes Mellitus and Canine Diabetes Mellitus

2017-02-14 06:09

Feeding processed food diets to your pets is largely the cause of fatty liver and ultimately feline diabetes mellitus and canine diabetes mellitus, as well as a telling indication of our own food values. Our pets teach us that eating a processed food diet will lead to a diabetes mellitus in both human and animal.

According to the latest Banfield Hospital “State of Pet Health” Report, Feline Diabetes Mellitus, Canin

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Is Removing Eggs From The Diet Key In Curing Type 2 Diabetes?

2017-02-13 08:55

Evidence-based science discloses how natural treatments work to cure Type 2 Diabetes by addressing the liver, its underlying viral issue and by eliminating eggs from the diet.

Being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes often comes with a treatment that’s geared toward lowering and controlling blood sugar levels and insulin without providing a cure.

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Cues may help you beat an obsession with junk food

2017-01-30 05:52

There seems to be a way out of the unhealthy junk-food eating cycle by using preventive cues.

Eating too much junk food is associated with obesity. It sometimes seems almost impossible to break out of an addiction to junk food. However, it appears cues can help beat this obsession.

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The activity levels of preschool kids mirrors that of their parents

2017-01-11 05:42

Researchers say that there is an association between the physical activity of parents and the activity of preschool kids.

Clearly preschool kids are healthier when they lead active lifestyles just as is true for older kids and adults.

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Use Positive Thinking to Be Successful With This Years Resolutions

2017-01-03 12:00

Did you set New Year’s Resolutions for yourself this year? Here is how to make them stick.

Each year, about 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8% have success in achieving their goals. We have such good intentions, so why can’t we seem to follow through?

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Can Being Obese Biochemically Stop You From Exercising?

2016-12-31 21:51

Researchers have found that you're being obese is actually stopping you from getting active – biochemically. It's not about it being harder to move around, but your very brain might have become wired to hate exercising.

Being obese is different from being overweight. The excess weight is much greater and puts a huge strain on your body.

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Why It May Be Hard to Stick to an Exercise Habit

2016-12-30 13:02

We often start out with good intentions when it comes to a regular exercise routine, but it can be hard to stick to the plan over the long-haul. Researchers might have found a reason why.

It is no secret that physical activity is essential for optimal human health. Even with all of this knowledge, why is it so hard to stay motivated and make exercise a daily habit?

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Try non-nutritive sweeteners to reduce weight

2016-12-19 05:33

Researchers have found when non-nutritive sweeteners are consumed over time there is a sustained decrease in overall energy intake and it lowers body weight.

The obesity epidemic has been shocking with rates of associated diabetes and other chronic diseases associated with being overweight such as hypertension also rising.

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Eat beans and peas to help maintain a healthy weight

2016-12-12 05:46

Researchers have found eating beans and peas increases fullness more than eating meat.

Being overweight and obese is associated with higher rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Therefore maintaining a healthy weight is essential to good health.

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Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally Without Supplements

2016-11-07 15:36

Low testosterone can lead to various health concerns including fatigue and decreases in muscle and bone mass. Here is an easy way to boost hormone levels.

Testosterone is a male hormone that gradually declines during aging. Excess weight also contributes to lower circulating levels as does some chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes.

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How Lack of Sleep May Affect Risk of Obesity and Insulin Resistance

2016-10-27 10:26

Getting enough sleep at night isn’t just important for your well-being the next day. It is also critical for your long-term health in many ways – including affecting your gut.

Gut microbiota.

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Mulberry extract offers promise as a delicious natural remedy for obesity

2016-10-27 06:42

Researchers have found mulberry extract activates brown fat and has promise as a treatment for obesity.

Obesity has become an epidemic problem worldwide due to poor diets and sedentary lifestyles.

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Exercise Releases Fat-Shedding Hormone

2016-10-11 16:31

Exercise not only will burn off excess calorie storage, but may also help release chemicals within the body that keeps fat from forming!

Many, many research studies show the benefits of regular physical activity – not the least of which is helping one reach a healthy weight.

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Citrus Fruits A Natural Way to Protect Your Health

2016-08-22 16:22

Adding a serving of citrus fruits to your diet may help prevent the harmful negative effects of obesity, find researchers at the American Chemical Society.

Health experts recommend that each American strive for at least two servings of fruit per day – equally about 2 cups.

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Prevent Your Diet Plan from Failing with Simple Advice

2016-07-15 14:25

Why did your diet plan fail last time? It is likely that you have not chosen a diet that fits with your lifestyle.

Most of us tackle weight loss with a vengeance – setting off on a super strict diet and brutal exercise plan. The problem?

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Obesity Interfering with Progress against Heart Disease Risk

2016-06-30 15:27

Heart disease and stroke together take a greater toll on America’s health than any other condition. But we are losing the battle against this disease, partly due to our excess weight and increasing incidence of Type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, the cost of cardiovascular disease in the US is more than $500 billion per year.

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Office Cake Culture Contributing to Weight Gain

2016-06-28 13:58

Does your office frequently cater meetings? Do you often have parties for celebrations such as promotions, birthdays, or retirement? If so, your work life may be contributing to your weight concerns.

Did you know that according to a recent survey by, 41% of the US workforce states that t

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