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GERD: Tips and Treatment, Consequences of Untreated Disease

2015-04-16 23:54
GERD Treatment

An article written by Teresa Tanoos eMaxHealth inspired me to write this article about GERD. It mentions a new option for treating gastro- esophageal reflux disease (GERD) . It is really not a new option, but it was not always widely available due to costs. (Being third tier many insurance platforms). The new option is generic Nexium. The food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the nation's first generic version for the treatment of GERD.

GERD is due to the backup of excessive amount of gastric juices into the esophagus.

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Obese women at increased risk of developing cancer

2015-03-17 15:02
Obese women 41 percent more likely to develop cancer

Obese women are over 40 percent more likely to develop certain cancers than women of a healthy weight, according to new estimates from Cancer Research UK.

Obesity is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. In the United States, more than a third of adults and nearly a fifth of children and adolescents are affected by obesity.

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Children of obese mothers at increased risk of obesity

2015-03-14 14:32
Children of obese mothers more likely to be obese

A new study has found that children whose mothers were overweight or obese before pregnancy, or whose mothers gained too much weight during pregnancy, are at an increased risk of being obese themselves.

The study included 727 Dominican and black mothers in the South Brox and northern Manhattan.

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New option approved for treating GERD

2015-01-27 13:11
FDA approves generic version of drug for treating GERD

Options for treating gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) offer new hope for those suffering from the condition, including FDA-approved generic drugs that provide greater access to healthcare for Americans.

The FDA has approved the nation’s first generic version of the drug Nexium for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, also referred to as GERD, which occurs when an excessive am

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The Easiest (and Healthiest) Way to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days

2014-08-23 10:51
easy and healthy weight loss

You are someone who can do a lot of things. You are an achiever. But do you find that dieting and sticking with it is that one thing that keeps you from looking like an achiever? According to Health magazine, one of the easiest and healthiest ways to lose 10 pounds in 30 days is to “Swap Your Way Slim” by switching your go-to foods with better choices.

The following is a summary of 3 food swaps for 3 meals for an approximately 1,400 calorie a day plan created by Cynthia Sass, RD, and author of S.A.S.S.!

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Two Weight Loss Surgery Procedures Measure Up after 3 Years

2014-08-22 11:19
Weight Loss

Have you tried every diet under the sun but still cannot manage to lose any weight? If you are seriously obese, now may be the time to consider these two weight loss surgery procedures that according to Diabetes Forecast show lasting benefits up to 3 years following surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Procedure #1: Gastric Bypass

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Lack of sleep in teens dramatically increases the risk for obesity

2014-08-21 20:29
Teen sleep and obesity

A lack of sleep among teens has been found to be associated with a significant increased risk for obesity. The consequences of not getting enough sleep can therefore be a lot more serious than simply falling asleep in class.

Optimizing sleep duration may help prevent excess weight gain in teens.

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Fast-food and full-service restaurant eating is generally unhealthy

2014-08-11 18:40
Eating out

Eating at fast-food and full-service restaurants has been found to be associated with poor health outcomes. People often seem to feel it's fun to eat out. However, a recent study shows it's not usually a very healthy experience to eat out.

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What can promoting a healthy diet early in life do to your child

2014-08-07 11:58
Bottle feeding a child

Horribly poor diets coupled with sedentary lifestyles are igniting the obesity epidemic which generates more than emotional problems linked to appearance. Obesity is associated with higher rates of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature death. New research shows that in order to effectively win the war against obesity it is important to begin promoting a healthy diet early in life.

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