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Asthma Treatment and Symptoms

Vitamin A deficiency may be the cause for recurring gastrointestinal and respiratory issues: 3 ways to get more

2017-03-28 01:53
Boost your vitamin A with fruits and vegetables and avoid asthma and gastrointestinal issues

A recent study from Colombia on children aged 5-12 yrs, has found that a vitamin A deficiency in the blood, is the cause for recurring gastrointestinal and respiratory tract infections. So, boosting your vitamin A will improve your immunity and reduce your chances of developing respiratory and gastrointestinal issues.

The 2774 children participants of this study, were followed for 1 academic year for incidence of morbidity, including diarrhea with vomiti

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Non-hygienic environments may offer protection from asthma

2017-03-24 05:56

Researchers say that exposure to microbes may offer protection against asthma.

Asthma can be a life threatening condition which causes problems breathing, wheezing, cough and chest pain. Clearly prevention of this condition is desirable.

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Avoid using antibiotics with these 3 foods that can prevent and manage antibiotic -acquired childhood asthma

2017-03-15 22:58
fruits and vegetables boost immunity, avoid antibiotic usage and help prevent and manage asthma!

The best way to avoid using antibiotics too often, is to have a strong immunity. But, many of us do not have the knowledge on what we should consume food wise or give our children in order to keep strong. So, more often than not, we end up resorting to antibiotics to fight infections and inflammations. However, there has been extensive research pointing to the fact that exposure to at least one course of antibiotics in the first year of life, increases the chances of childhood asthma, which may persist through out adult life.

In one recent

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The right bedcovers could help protect kids from severe asthma attacks

2017-03-14 04:37
Bed covers and asthma

Researchers say that bedcovers which are mite-proof may decrease flare-ups of asthma in kids.

Asthma in kids is a serious condition which can be life threatening. All efforts should be made to prevent asthma attacks in kids.

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Could Eating Deli Sandwiches Make Your Asthma Worse?

2016-12-26 20:02
Deli Sandwiche and Asthma

Researchers found that something as common as a cold cut sandwich can make you wheeze and make it difficult to breathe.

Have you ever finished eating a cold cut sandwich for lunch and found yourself coughing and getting a bit phlegmy or having a little bit of a hard time breathing?

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Asthma attack warning: Why you must avoid processed meats

2016-12-21 13:44

Are you risking your health and worsening your asthma symptoms by eating processed meats on a regular basis?

A new study reveals that eating processed meats like bacon or sausage can make asthma symptoms worse.

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Natural herbal ingredients may fight pollution-caused lung and liver disease

2016-08-25 12:04
natural herbal ingredients

Here is yet another reason to include more plants in your daily diet. New research shows that certain essential oils may serve as a natural treatment for lung and liver disease caused by air pollution.

When we breathe in dirty air, we bring in pollutants deep into our lungs which can lead to serious damage.

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How dogs help prevent kids' infections and asthma

2013-12-17 07:34
Indoor outdoor dogs can protect children from asthma and infection

New research helps explain why early exposure to dogs can reduce the chances your child will develop infection and asthma. Pets are important for human health. A new study finds indoor, outdoor dogs help boost immunity in children that can protect the airways form asthma and virus.

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Are Your Grandchildren Asthmatic? They Might Also Have This Disorder

2013-11-16 03:53

Whether you are a parent or grandparent, if your child has an asthma problem, it might be a good idea to have them checked for ADHD as well. If you notice that there have been issues in school or simply when they are young at home, there might be more than one health problem the child in your family suffers from.

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Children with Milk Allergies Need to Avoid This One Hidden Milk Allergen in School

2013-05-02 10:31
Children learning to avoid Milk Allergies

According to a recent study published in the May issue of Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, schoolchildren with milk allergies may be exposed to hidden milk allergens that could

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Junk food linked to asthma, other allergic disorders in children

2013-01-14 13:13
asthma, eczema, child allergy, fast food, junk food

Although most would agree that junk food is unhealthy, many can’t resist the temptation to pull up to the window of their favorite fast food joint to purchase a sackful of greasy calorie-laden good

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