How Does Garlic Lower Blood Cholesterol?

2005-09-30 09:10

For over 3,000 years, people have used garlic to cure what ails them. From skin diseases to tumors, from arthritis to the Black Plague, the "stinking rose" has been touted for its healing powers.

In recent years, medical science has caught up with popular wisdom. Epidemiological studies suggest that garlic consumption may reduce the risk of various cancers, as well as enhance immune function and suppress infectious disease. However, much of garlic's recent claim to fame has come from its reputed ability to decrease blood pressure and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Yu-Yan Yeh, Penn State professor of nutrition, has been tracking the cholesterol connection for over a decade, all the way to what looks like the exact mechanism behind garlic's cholesterol-busting effect. At a recent University Park colloquium, he summarized the chain of experiments that have led to this discovery.

Yeh's first step, "to establish the rationale for the subsequent studies," he explains, was to feed two groups of rats a high-fat diet, supplementing one group's chow with Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) made by soaking fresh garlic in alcohol for four to five months to leach out the chemical compounds and remove the smell.

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"The AGE supplements reduced total cholesterol by 15 percent," he said, and knocked down triglycerides by 30 percent. This result "was consistent with other studies with other animal species."

Moving on to humans, Yeh asked 34 middle-aged men with slightly high cholesterol to take AGE capsules with their regular diet. After five months he observed a 7 percent drop in total blood cholesterol, and an 8 percent drop in LDL, or "bad," cholesterol.


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My grandma is 82 yrs old and has been taking a garlic every morning for years. This has lowered her cholesterol.
i am on Lipitor to lower my cholesterol level, can i also swallow garlic cloves daily, i hope it will not disturb the lipitor or do i concentrate on just one thank Priscilla
I am on lipitor to lower my cholesterol, can i also swallow garlic cloves daily, i hope it will not disturb the lilitor or do i concentrate on just one
Without knowing how it works, I would like to ask: does garlic reduce cholesterol?