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Blood Pressure

Children With High Blood Pressure Can Benefit From 24-Hour Monitoring

2008-08-06 10:55

The American Heart Association now recommends 24-hour blood pressure monitoring for certain children and adolescents suspected of having high blood pressure or a condition that causes unreliable readings at the doctor’s office.

The statement, published in Hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association, is expert-opinion driven and not evidence-based. That’s because studies relating 24-hour monitoring in children to hard outcomes like heart attack and stroke are not yet available.


Exposure To Bad Air Raises Blood Pressure

2008-08-06 10:50

The air people breathe while walking in the park, working in the garden or shopping downtown may be unhealthy enough to seriously spike their blood pressure, a new study suggests.

Cardiovascular researchers at The Ohio State University Medical Center are the first to report a direct link between air pollution and its impact on high blood pressure, or hypertension. If the results from these animal studies hold up, this could be important for human health.


High Levels Of Urinary Albumin In Normal Range Predict Hypertension

2008-07-05 09:05

Healthy individuals with higher levels of albumin excretion, even levels considered normal, are at increased risk of developing hypertension (high blood pressure).

Because kidneys normally prevent large molecules such as albumin from being excreted in the urine, high levels of urinary albumin excretion— called albuminuria—can be an indicator of kidney damage. Albuminuria may also reflect dysfunction of endothelial cells throughout the body, which in turn may be a precursor to hypertension.


Men, Especially Blacks, More Likely To Miss Own Hypertension

2008-07-03 08:52

A new study suggests that American men are much more likely than women are to be unaware that they suffer from high blood pressure. African-American men with the condition are at the highest risk, with only one in seven both aware of their illness and able to control it through medication.


How Effective Is Hypertension Treatment Device?

2008-06-18 09:05

InterCure announced the findings of new studies and analysis highlighting RESPeRATE -- the only medical device cleared by the FDA and CE-approved for the treatment of hypertension. Five posters will be presented at the European Society of Hypertension meeting (ESH) in Berlin beginning June 14, 2008. Two of the five posters focus on RESPeRATE's effect on blood pressure as measured by 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. Three of the posters also present new findings in the emerging field of obtaining vascular risk parameters from blood pressure measurements.


BENICAR Reverses Blood Vessel Damage Independent Of Blood Pressure Lowering

2008-06-16 13:03

Hypertension treatment olmesartan medoxomil was effective in reversing the narrowing of the arteries that occurs in patients with hypertension. The study, titled VIOS (Vascular Improvement with Olmesartan medoxomil Study) was a one-year, exploratory study that evaluated the effects of an angiotensin receptor blocker (olmesartan medoxomil) vs. a beta-blocker (atenolol) on vascular function and structure in patients with Stage 1 hypertension, independent of the blood pressure lowering effects of these agents.