Caution Urged for Use of RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum

2009-06-12 17:50

I was recently asked about RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum. The person wanted to know if it worked and was safe. It is marketed as a product designed to enhance the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. Rapid Lash is manufactured by International Research Laboratories and distributed by ROCASUBA.

The insert sheet for Rapid Lash says the active ingredients are “potent polypeptides, vital proteins and vitamins, and moisturizing and rejuvenating agents. The serum is suppose to produce results within 4 weeks.

As with Latisse (an FDA approved product) the serum is applied once a day. Latisse is available by prescription only, Rapid Lash requires no prescription. Recently there have been reports of skin irritation and pigmentation concerns. In fairness, these have been reported in Latisse users also, but it is known to occur in 4% of Latisse users. It is not known how often they occur in Rapid Lash users.

With either, it is important to take care to apply the serum only to the eyelash and not allow it to get in the eye itself. Either can cause eye irritation.

If you develop a new eye condition (e.g., trauma or infection), change in vision, have eye surgery, or develop any eye reactions (e.g. conjunctivitis and eyelid reactions), you should immediately seek your doctor's advice and discontinue the use of Rapid Lash Eyelash Serum.

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I have been using this product for 2 months and noticed a big difference in my lash length. But recently I felt I have debris in my eyes and have had to use eye drops where I never have before. I am going to the optometrist in a few weeks. Curious if your cornea scratches healed up. I have a feeling that's what may be happening to my eyes. I stopped using the product.
If I stopped using this rapidlash then my lashes are still the same or not plz suggest r help to grow my eyebrows also
I've been using this serum for about 3 weeks and I already had long and dark eyelashes but still wanted thicker and longer lashes so I gave it a try. I immediately noticed results but then my lashes started falling out and I had some irritation in my lash area. I don't recommend this product.
DO NOT recommend this product as your lashes do fall out !!! I stopped using rapid lash on a regular bases because I was getting good results ....and I have patches where the lashes aren't growing at all now!!! Looks like I have alopecia on my lashes...
I ordered the Trial Membership for the LashRenew (and eyebrows). All it cost was postage of $4.95 so I figured what the heck, let's give it a try. I've always had terribly skimpy eyelashes and now that I'm older, they're almost gone entirely so I thought this stuff might actually help but the ad never said anything about continued use. There's just no way I would ever commit to using ANY type of beauty product on a regular basis especially at this price. My goodness, I'm a disabled senior on a fixed income. When I called the company to get instructions for use and to cancel the membership, I was told they expected ME to send the unused portion of the product back to them at MY expense! I hadn't even had a chance to use it yet so they extended the trial time another 14 days but...that's not going to be the problem here, the problem is going to be the "old bait and switch" tactics employed in getting me to accept their "free" trial then trying to nail me for the return postage on something that was supposed to be a "free" trial. There wasn't anything that mentioned anything about shipping anything back or I wouldn't have ordered it, that's a fact! Nor would I have done had I known this was an addictive type of enhancement. I think they did a movie about something similar with Sharon Stone some time back. Well, I don't need to be young and beautiful at that price! Actually, I'll never be young again and my husband of 40 years already sees how beautiful I am lashes or no... so I just hope that the women who have so much of their self-worth (and finances) tied into their eyelashes are able to cope when the time comes that they are unable to fit this hefty cost into their budget and their beautiful lush eyes go bald. That's going to be terribly traumatic. And that's why I will NOT use the trial they sent me now or ever! I'd love to have nice eyelashes but THE PRICE IS JUST TOO HIGH !!!