Can Torn Earlobes Be Repaired?

2009-10-23 10:24

Torn earlobes are a common problem with pierced earlobes. Torn earlobes can easily be repaired. Some physicians will do the repair in their office, others in an outpatient surgery center.

Before discussing how torn earlobes are repaired, lets look at some was to prevent the tear from occurring.

  • Avoid wearing heavy ear rings.
  • Being careful when putting on or removing clothing so as not to "catch" the earring.
  • Being careful around babies/toddlers who want to play with shiny/dangling objects can help prevent the lobe from being torn.
  • Use an "earlobe support" such as Pierce Mate, a stick-on disc that help support the earlobe when heavy earrings are worn.

Once the stretching occurs or the tear is completed, then the only way to fix it is to repair it. The earlobe repair is a simple procedure done using a local block to numb the earlobe.

There are variations on "how" to repair a torn earlobe, but all require excising (freshing) the edges so they can be sewn back together. The variations are mainly in how the excision is structured–straight, z-plastied, or L-shaped.


A drawback of the straight excision can be the scar may "shorten" over time which may then "gather up" the lobe resulting in a "W" shape at the bottom of the earlobe.

The Z-plasy or L-shaped scar avoid the "W" by changing the scar into a non-straight scar. Which one is best will depend on the tear and shape of the earlobe being repaired.

Re-piercing should not be done for 6 months to allow the scar to reach its greatest strength. The scar will only be 80% as strong as the skin on either side. For this reason it is best to place the new hole to the side of the scar and not in-line with it.

Most insurances will not cover this procedure as they consider it cosmetic in nature.



You can and without fear of hurting your earlobes, wear any size, weight and style of earring with the help of the product mentioned above called Pierce-Mate. It’s a patented, hypo allergenic, earlobe support patch, worn inconspicuously behind the ear to support the weight of these over sized earrings. Pierce-Mate will enable you to once again wear any earring without having costly, non-insured surgery, even if your earlobe is torn or split. Many Pierce-Mate users are fashionista casualties from the days of wearing the big, bold earring look of the 80’s that is now being worn again today. If your earlobes are not damaged, Pierce-Mate should also be worn to help protect your earlobes from damage when over sized or dangle, wire style earrings are being worn. Pierce-Mates will also help eliminate that elongated, dragged down look when any earring is worn, while also maintaining a more youthful, natural earlobe shape. You can find them at
The info wans quite encouraging. But didn't give me any idea of where I could possible have my earlobe repaired,
Actually, there is a product called the Earring-Aid which really works to keep your pierced hole from becoming enlarged and you can wear any weight of earring you wish safely,! The hypoallegenic transparent strip wraps around your earlobe to support the wearing of heavier-type earrings and acts as a preventative to having the plastic surgery redone.
My 4 year old just slit her earlobe 2 different doctor s refused to stitch it up say have to wait weeks I just had an operation and the glued my small wounds from the surgery dose any one know of a surgical glue that would work to keep the ear lob closed .
A tear in the earlobe may be temporarily repaired by using a wraparound-the-ear, hypoallergenic strip of clear tape called the Earring-aid,,,It fits comfortably around the earlobe and is utilized by a lot of heavy Earring-wearers, to help PREVENT the tearing!....but the tape is so strong, that it actually can hold a tear together while simultaneously wearing an earring --until the earlobe can be stitched. Actually, even after a repair, it would behoove the patient to wear an Earring-aid, so it won't happen again!
I just had my left ear lobe repaired from a bad tear all the way through. My son when he was a baby grabbed hold of my hoop earring and pulled hard and ripped it right off. He is 16 now. Through the years it became number 4,657 on the list of the things I needed to do and it became a very low priority and was put aside. Being that nobody seemed to notice it made it even lower. Well, I guess I didn't realize that people did notice it but didn't tell me to spare my feelings, until one person did. So, I finally had the procedure done two days ago. I still have the stitches and will need to visit the doctor again for a follow up and to remove them. Aside from wanting to scratch it because of the prickly itching, it isn't so bad. Right now I was instructed to apply antibiotic ointment onto it but I also put a gauze pad over it along with a wide headband to keep it in place. The headband helps keep the hands away from the subconscious urge to scratch at it, especially during the night while sleeping.