Why high-fat yogurt may be a better choice for staying trim

2014-06-02 23:16

A new study finds a higher chance of obesity from eating low-fat yogurt. If you want to stay trim or lose weight, low-fat yogurt may not be your best choice.

Researchers surprisingly find that eating high-fat yogurt daily can help with weight loss. One reason low-fat yogurt may not be the best choice is the extra sugar found in the products.

High-fat yogurt lowers obesity risk an "unexpected" finding

The finding that high-fat yogurt could help curb obesity was presented at the European Congress on ­Obesity in Bulgaria that comes from a study of 8,516 men and women of normal weight who were followed for two -years.

Study leader Professor Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, of the University of Navarra in Spain, says “The association between whole-fat yogurt and obesity was somewhat unexpected."

He adds that the reason low-fat yogurt doesn't seem to be associated with lower risk of obesity isn't clear yet. It may be that high-fat yogurt has more beneficial gut bacteria that improves overall health.

"Lactobacillus and other good bacteria found in yogurt may promote less inflammation which is associated with obesity.,” the study author said.

High low-fat yogurt linked to 19 percent lower chance of obesity

Eating 125 grams of full-fat yogurt once a day was associated with a 19 percent lower chance of being obese.


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