Nutritional Supplements Could Cause, not Prevent Cancer

2010-08-21 12:30

Cancer experts warn consumers about taking nutritional supplements that can cause, rather than prevent cancer. According to experts at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, taking nutritional supplements rather than whole foods could tip the balance in the body and actually cause cancer, shown in some studies.

Sally Scroggs, health education manager at UT MD Anderson’s Cancer Prevention Center explains, “Researchers are still unsure about whether or not minerals, herbs and other plants taken in pill, capsule, tablet or liquid form actually prevent cancer." Studies have shown that vitamin C and E don't prevent cancer. The "Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial" failed to show any benefit for prostate cancer prevention from selenium and vitamin E supplements.

Pills Can't Replace a Healthy Diet for Cancer Prevention

“If you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans, you should get the nutrients, including fiber, vitamins and minerals, your body needs to lower your chances of getting diseases like cancer,” Scroggs said. “Taking a pill can’t replace a healthy diet.”

For some men and women with chronic illness or food allergies, taking a supplement might be necessary, but for the majority of consumers, a diet packed with beta-carotene, selenium, lycopene, resveratol and vitamins A, C, and E is recommended to help fight cancer.


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This is alarming, considering the fact that nutrition companies have been touting the benefits of supplement consumption.
Not much vitamin B12 is absorbed across the wall of the colon so therefore it is essential that humans get B12 from animal foods
I have no doubt that this study must have been influenced or ordered by Big Pharma and their lackeys, the AMA so as to keep us chronically ill and dependent on toxic drugs and procedures. Readers should read between the lines. Scientific studies and data are routinely cooked up to produce whatever the patron wants. Caveat emptor!!!