Natural ways that might stop diarrhea from Crohn's disease

2014-08-22 13:39

How can you stop diarrhea associated with Crohn's disease other than with prescription medication that can lead to constipation? Here are some natural Crohn's diarrhea treatments that might help, one of which is downright yummy.

Don't let diarrhea from Crohn's disease disrupt your life. Some prescriptions to treat watery bowel movements have unwanted side effects. Explore natural Crohn's diarrhea treatments.


Dr. Ronald Hoffman of Intelligent Medicine recommends probiotics to restore normal bowel movements. Specifically, supplementing with acidophilus, bifidus and Saccharomyces boulardii might help and studies are focusing on whether administering the probiotics via enema could help IBD.

Hoffman, like several other experts, also recommends the SCD diet that can help maintain balance in the gut and quell inflammation - thereby reducing pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating and other symptoms of irritable bowel disease (IBD).

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Cayenne Pepper

A simple internet search will yield the alleged health benefits of Cayenne pepper. For one, the spice is anti-inflammatory, which could help heal the intestines.

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper that helps pain and acts to heal is capsicum. There is evidence backing capsicum for treating pain associated with IBD also.

Foods studied, such as sweet pepper and cayenne pepper appear to increase permeability of the intestines that is compromised with IBD.

Cayenne pepper has indeed worked for some people with Crohn's disease. You can read a testimonial here.

A commenter at Earth Clinic writes: " I've found that whenever my crohns symptoms "flare up" that mixing in a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and 2 tablespoons of natural organic "mother" apple cider vinegar in a 8 ounce glass of warm water helps with my symptoms. I know that cayenne pepper is a good pain reliever so i find that this mixture works really well in the event of a flare up."

A warning is that Cayenne pepper could react with Imuran used for treating the disease. Healing the gut is a positive step toward treating Crohn's diarrhea and avoiding complications.


Zinc is a natural anti-diarrheal. Crohn's disease can lead to a zinc deficiency that can be an underlying cause of diarrhea.


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The book Healing Digestive Illness is a great resource for people dealing with digestive problems.
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