How diet could stop triple negative breast cancer from spreading uncovered

2014-05-31 10:18

Research suggests it could be possible to stop the spread of breast cancer by consuming fewer calories Investigators from Thomas Jefferson University found calorie restriction that is touted to help extend lifespan could also lead to better outcomes for women battling triple negative breast cancer that is the most aggressive form of the disease.

Thirty percent fewer calories stops aggressive breast cancer from spreading

Senior author Nicole Simone, M.D., an associate professor in the department of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University and colleagues found mice given 30 percent fewer calories were protected from breast cancer spread.

“The diet turned on a epigenetic program that protected mice from metastatic disease,” Simone explained in a press release. Taking in fewer calories decreased production of microRNAs 17 and 20 (miR 17/20) that are often increased in triple negative breast cancer that spreads to other parts of the body.

One of the problems with breast cancer treatment that aims to suppress production of the microRNAs is weight gain from estrogen blockers such as Tamoxifen and from steroids that are often used to treat chemotherapy side effects. According to the authors women gain and average of 10 pounds during the first year of breast cancer treatment, making therapy less effective.

Finding ways to halt progression of the disease is important. Limiting calorie intake during treatment keeps the matrix outside of the body’s cells stronger to stop tumors from spreading.


“A strong matrix creates a sort of cage around the tumor, making it more difficult for cancer cells to escape and spread to new sites in the body” Simone said.

The current study expands on past research conducted by Simone showing calorie restriction boosts the ability of radiation to kill breast cancer tumors. With this study the scientists determined the molecular pathways involved.


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Confused about the about 3rd paragraph of this report - the treatment of breast cancer that aims to suppress production of micro RNAs is weight gains from hormones and steroids used for chemo side effects. I was told I could not have Hormone treatment for menopause because of my breast cancer. Is HRT different fro hormones given for chemo side effects?
hi Shelley - The weight gain and other side effects referenced come from Tamoxifen and similar drugs given to women with breast cancer that block estrogen receptors and are sometimes used alongside chemotherapy. Steroids are given for chemo side effects - estrogen blockers for the treatment. Make sense? I will rewrite to be clearer. Thank you also. .
Why are you talking about estrogen blocking drugs causing weight gain when the headline is about triple negative breast cancer? Women with triple negative cancer don't take estrogen blocking drugs. Triple negative means that the cancer doesn't have estrogen, progesterone or herceptin receptors.
Hi McDallas: Only because Tamoxifen might be given when ER status is unknown. Great question.