Fatherhood makes men behave better

2011-11-08 13:49

Becoming a dad primes men for ditching unsavory behaviors.In a study that spanned 19 years researchers found fatherhood helps men behave better. Contrary to conventional wisdom that suggests “you can’t change a tiger’s stripes”, when men become fathers for the first time they smoke, drink and use marijuana less and commit fewer crimes.

According to David Kerr, assistant professor of psychology at Oregon State University who led the study, the positive changes in men’s behavior had nothing to do with entering adulthood.

“Controlling for the aging process, fatherhood was an independent factor in predicting decreases in crime, alcohol and tobacco use.”

Men well into their 20’s and early 30’s were most likely to change their behaviors for the better, compared to men having their first child in their teen years or early 20’s.

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Kerr said men who were a bit older when they have their first child may be more willing to change.


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I agree with the assessment on Fatherhood. Becoming a parent or a father (in my case) not only changed my behavior, but also made me a better person. I simply started to better understand how much my parents loved me. I am just very sorry it was already very late to return that love to my father. He was ill and passed away 1 year before.