Exercise powerful for stroke and colon cancer prevention

2009-11-14 12:18

Two important studies show that exercise is a powerful intervention for disease prevention, and is underutilized for health maintenance. According to the study from Dutch researchers, exercise can cut risk of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke significantly. In a second study, the scientists point to findings that exercise as an intervention that can prevent colon cancer.

Stroke prevention and exercise

Primary causes of stroke include heart disease, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and excessive alcohol consumption, blood clotting disorders, use of contraceptives, heart rhythm disturbance (atrial fibrillation), smoking, diabetes, and carotid stenosis.

Stroke causes death in one out of three individuals and is the third leading cause of death in industrialized countries according to background information from the study authors. Researchers found that exercise can reduce risk of fatal and non-fatal stroke by twenty to thirty percent.


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