Pharma Spends 40 Million On Lobbying

2009-07-24 23:04

40 Million Spent in Three Months for Drug Lobbying

Anyone wondering why medication costs are so high might be interested in knowing that drug companies spent forty million dollars in the last three months lobbying Congress about health care. The analysis comes from NPR's Dollar Politics team, Andrea Seabrook and Peter Overby. Meanwhile, our President is trying to tighten the reins on healthcare spending.

Money spent by pharmaceutical companies to lobby in the last three months exceeds money spent lobbying on Capitol Hill on other healthcare issues, says the NPR team.

According to the report, forty million bought a lot of lobbyists. Keeping cheaper drugs from reaching patients in the US from Canada, and drug price control are key issues among pharmacy companies.

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More than 300 lobbyists represent the pharmaceutical industry in Washington. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America trade group spent $6.15 million lobbying Congress from April to June this year. The group represents 32 brand name drug manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical companies are worried about healthcare reform, and it looks like they are willing to spend big to protect their interests. Pfizer spent $5.5 million. Amgen, Eli Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline spent about $3 million each.

Money spent for drug lobbying bought some resolution. Government regulation of drug pricing is already off the table, as is importation of drugs from Canada.


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