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Skin Cancer

Most Organ Transplant Patients Are At Risk For Skin Cancer

2008-02-04 00:00

As the number of organ transplants continues to increase throughout the world, so too are the number of organ transplant recipients developing skin cancer. Due in large part to the immunosuppressive medications required to prevent organ rejection, skin cancer among patients receiving solid organ transplants -- such as kidney, heart, liver, or lung, among other organs -- also tends to be more aggressive and spreads more quickly than in other patients.


The Mystery Of Melanoma

2007-11-20 00:27

In the last 30 years, melanoma has become the fastest rising cancer, reaching epidemic proportions. It is also one cancer that we can prevent by limiting exposure to the sun and performing regular skin exams. Sun exposure and burns create a great risk for all skin cancers.

We get 80 percent of our sun exposure before age 18. The sun you get in your adolescence sets you up for developing melanoma in your forties or fifties. Yet the sun is the one risk factor we can control.