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Skin Cancer

Agent orange is associated with invasive skin cancer

2014-01-30 07:30
A scene from Vietnam

There has been increasing evidence of carcinogenic effects of Agent Orange. A great deal of controversy has persisted over the years about the use of Agent Orange as part of the U.S. military's herbicidal warfare and jungle defoliant programs during the Vietnam war due to the horrible side effects on people which have been observed from this agent. New research shows there is an association between Agent Orange and invasive skin cancer.

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1 in 4 skin cancer survivors still tans without sunscreen - 10 melanoma prevention tips

2013-04-08 16:25
Skin cancer survivors still tan

A whopping 25% of those who have had skin cancer do not use sunscreen when going outside for more than an hour, according to a surprising new study by the American Association for Cancer Research (

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