Medicaid Spending Increased By 10.7%

2007-10-09 14:12

Medicaid Spending

Medicaid spending increased by 10.7% in the first six months of 2007-- the largest increase since 2001 -- and likely will reach $330billion this year, according to a USA Today analysis of data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. USA Today attributed the increased Medicaid spending in part to:

  • Efforts by states to extend health insurance to more residents through Medicaid and SCHIP;
  • Increasedenrollment in Medicaid after a temporary decrease in 2006 that resultedfrom implementation of new proof-of-citizenship rules; and
  • Increased Medicaid reimbursements for health care providers.

Robert Campbell, vice chair of the accounting and consulting company Deloitte & Touche,said that, as a result of the increased Medicaid spending, states "aregoing to have to make some tough decisions on who receives care, whatcare they get and what the limitations are." In addition, he said thatMedicaid spending likely will continue to increase as states seek toextend health insurance to more residents and health care costscontinue to increase.


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