Antipathy Between School Districts and Parents of Autistic Children

2014-08-18 17:01
Autistic children's parents and school districtantipathy

Feeling left behind: One mother of an Autistic child, numerous school districts, and the strong antipathy between them.

Their Chief Complaints:
• Refusal to Follow IEP
• Unprofessional Conduct
• Unqualified Teachers
• Unacceptable Placements
• Refusal to Send Home Work
• No Child Left Behind Left Their Child Far Behind

Parents shouldn’t have to fight this hard for a fundamental right of their child. Our children being conferred an education that befits their cognitive abilities is crucial to this countries growth, to any countries growth. Look at the prevalence numbers—they’re higher than we ever dreamed. One day all those “numbers” will be autistic adults, then what do we do? I don’t know what the resolution will be concerning the schools; however I am certain it’ll start with parents like you speaking out against the school systems as a whole, loudly making it known that we won’t stand for this any longer. Even if you homeschool your child, you have a voice: we all have a voice, use them!
After all, you know what they say about parents of autistic children: If the school officials don’t clinch up when they see you coming than you’re doing something wrong.



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Parents have no idea the depth of this problem. Schools are breaking federal law. No one's watching the hen house. The system is broken! Great article. And so very very true.
I am a resident in Lynn.Massachusetts. I am a proud mother of my son! He's been diagnosed with severe autism& he's non verbal and still in diapers he is 7yrs old. His diagnosis are PDD- NOS and ADD. I need A LOT help with how I can get information on issues that are happening in school with Autistic children in Massachusetts. I REALLY need tons of help for my son examples DCF,court for juveniles
Brooke Price: How are things now with school?