Swine Flu In Orlando Disney Land Not Confirmed

2009-04-28 14:37

Conflicting reports are coming from Florida in relation to a possible Orlando swine flu, which apparently had a connection to a tourist from Mexico who visited Disney World. However, the latest seems to be the information that Florida Hospital denies to confirm swine flu in Orlando.

All of the major Frlorida newspapers are writing that the swine flu is not confirmed in Orlando. Below we will explain what we heard from the Orange County Health Department, which explained to us how the confirmation works. Swine flu confirmation may actually take from 24 to 48 hours to be fully confirmed. Therefore no Florida medical institution could really confirm if there is or is not a swine flu case in Orlando.

Orlando Sentinel explains that the false Orlando swine flu that caused panic in reality was a misinterpreted email. "An e-mail sent by one of Florida Hospital's top doctors sent health officials into a flurry today because he incorrectly confirmed the first case of the deadly swine flu in Orlando." reports that "Eyewitness News has learned of Orlando's first confirmed case of swine flu, however Florida Hospital is denying the claim, which was made by one of their own officers in an email. According to the chief medical officer for Adventist Health System, which operates Florida Hospital, the case was diagnosed Tuesday morning."

eMaxHealth spoke on the phone with Mirna Chamorro, one of the public information officers in Orange County Health Department, who explained us the following about how the swine flu is confirmed. First she said that there is no confirmed cases of swine flu in Orlando. The county health officials are working with different theme parks, staying communicated with them and educating them. The theme parks in Orlando area also have their own Pandemic influenza plans and are prepared.


Orange county health officials keep staying in touch with medical institutions and doctors and are updating their surveillance, visiting doctors and hospitals if any reports are coming.


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This is realy disturbing and very upsetting that when a suspected case arises that we should have to wait for it to go to two different labs which will take a considerable amount of time and during this time many more people are put at risk , like with the case in Disney . And by not reporting this case on the news, I feel this is about economics and not about concern for people's lives , and the same with the schools having to wait for a "confirmmed " case before taking steps !!! Very , very sad !!! Especially for our children !!!
i've been wondering if this is true and authorities are just hiding it from the people to protect it from panic to the people.