Obama Admits Healthcare Reform Need Further Review

2009-07-21 13:30

The president Barack Obama acknowledged in an interview to Today Show that health reform bill needs more work and review to adequately provide health insurance coverage to nearly all Americans. Speaking to reporters from NBC, the Democratic Executive however showed optimism about the way of finding political solutions to the high cost of health care program.

Obama is not ruling out raising taxes to pay for his proposal to create a system of social medicine similar to that of European or Canadian style.


According to the Oval Office, the president's initiative is to provide health insurance coverage to nearly 50 million uninsured people, a quarter of them undocumented immigrants settled in the United States. The head of the state said that he and his administration are working hard for the Congress to have the healthcare reform bill by August 1. He said the nation and the Washington cannot afford inaction on this question. This is also partly true due to the 2010 November elections. It would help if the public could have seen the positive effects of health care reform and no one without health insurance coverage by November 2010. Otherwise, the issue of healthcare will be big during the election campaign and the debates may prolong healh care reform for years.

The President Obama increased the pressures starting in June on the Capitol to achieve a goal set by every president since Harry Truman: to get a national public health insurance. However, the efforts and proposals on this matter have been frozen by the Republicans since the beginning of 2009 despite a Democratic majority in both houses of parliament.


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