Universal Health Insurance And The Role of Integrative Medicine

2009-06-30 08:39

Though we support the "competitive public health insurance option" as a possible gateway to universal single-payer insurance, the current debate that has grown up around this discussion often misses much of the point. That’s because more advanced reform of the way medicine and health care are practiced is needed; without it, no form of health insurance will tame the beast of rising costs - and no approach to health insurance reform will be meaningful. The core problem, As we argue in our new book, A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine, is that America’s health care system fights the wrong war - it engages in after-the-fact warfare. We devote vastly more resources to treating ill health than to prevention - at least 25 times more. Essentially, America is not focused on the true causes of our health problems. And our dreadful lack of attention to prevention and health promotion is getting costly in the extreme.

The bottom line is this: our corporatized health-care system is not really health care - it’s “disease care.” And, if we are indeed fighting the wrong war with our disease-care system, if we are wantonly allowing our population to develop diseases before we act, do we really want to pool the health-care insurance premiums of our population so as to better finance this system while leaving its other assumptions unchallenged - especially if these assumptions drive up costs beyond reason and don’t deliver wellness, prevention, and healing? And by the same token, do we really want to “automate” disease care with billions of government dollars now being targeted for information technology, when the very foundations of the industry itself need reconfiguring first?


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