Exercise Sessions Should Be Efficient, Not Endless

2009-02-18 14:30

As gym memberships dwindle due to time and economic constraints, a real need for quick and effective workouts has developed.

James Villepigue and Hugo Rivera have created a solution to this dilemma with The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Men and The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Women. In just 21 minutes per day with minimal equipment and investment of time, this express workout is perfect for men and women looking to boost their energy and feel younger, healthier and stronger.

As an added bonus, the new edition includes a 60 healthy, low cost, and easy to prepare recipes to help exercisers get the nutrition they need.

Based on the periodization principles that have made the The Body Sculpting Bibles a popular success, The Body Sculpting Bible Express workouts are guaranteed to:

*Shape and define abs
*Improve strength and muscle tone
*Boost energy and metabolism
*Provide a path toward lifelong fitness
*Save on time and money


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