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Diet and Weight Loss

A Randomized Controlled Trial of 5 Different Diets, and The Biggest Loser is…

2014-11-22 21:00
Diet trial

One of the biggest problems behind dieting - and why we fail - is that it requires self-monitoring i.e. calorie counting. A new study shows that it is possible to lose weight without calorie counting based on the results of a new randomized controlled trial of 5 different diets. Find out which one proved to be the biggest loser.

A new study published in the journal Nutrition pitted the effects of 5 different diets against one another to determine how varying degrees of

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Obesity shares common ground with other serious global threats: Portion control won't fix this

2014-11-20 11:50
Obesity ranked at major public health threat along with war and terrorism

A new report highlights the global impact of obesity that has also become a hot topic of debate. Personal attacks on individuals that are overweight or obese do nothing to solve the problem of escalating health care costs related to being overweight or obese from the increased burden of diseases that follow. The report highlights how little portion control will do to fight obesity, given the myriad of contributors and unknowns that have lead to expanding waistlines. Obesity ranks number three on the list of preventable threats to our global economy, preceded by smoking and war and terrorism.

According to the new McKinsey report, obesity of one of the top three societal problems created by human beings, joining the ranks of smoking as number one and armed violence, war and terrorism as

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Which Weighs More, 100 Calories of Turkey or 100 Calories of Gravy?

2014-11-20 07:38
Weight loss and Gravy Calories

Sounds like the old trick question about which weighs more, 10 pounds of rocks or 10 pounds of feathers—I mean after all, if a pound is a pound, shouldn’t a calorie be a calorie? Not quite says a Prevention magazine article that points out that cutting back on a meal to save more calories for dessert just doesn’t add up the way you would like it to.

In a recent online issue of Prevention Magazine, writer Victoria Wolk points out that it’s not just how many calories you eat, but the type of calories that is also important when it comes

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Comparison Between Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers and Zone Dieting

2014-11-18 04:42
Atkins Diet vs South Beach Diet

Are you on a particular diet plan at this moment? Did you know that many commercial diet plans may not be all that effective toward weight loss and decreasing the risk factors of heart disease? Here is what a new study revealed in a comparison between Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers and Zone Dieting.

According to a news release by McGill University, the health implications of going on any of the more

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That Weight Gain after Exercise May Not Be Muscle Says New Study

2014-11-17 08:21
Weight gain after exercise

Have you ever started an exercise program intending to lose weight, but found yourself actually gaining weight instead? Most of us chalk up that weight gain being due to muscle development. However, a new study reveals that that weight gain after beginning an exercise program may not be muscle after all—but fat!

ABC News recently reported that a surprising finding in a new study performed by researchers at Arizona State University in Phoenix - that was published last month in the Journal of Strength an

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Would You Commit to the Nirvana Challenge to Lose Weight? This Man Did and Saved His Life

2014-11-14 23:56
Nirvana challenge to weight loss

One of the biggest problems of weight gain is reaching a point beyond the typical clinical definition of “morbidly obese” and losing all hope that you could ever turn your life around. Well, one man did reach that point, and is likely still alive today only because he committed to what he calls the “Nirvana Challenge” and wants to share his story of hope for others wanting desperately to lose weight.

Nine months ago, Stephen Lewis went to the doctor and could not get an accurate measure of his weight because he was too heavy.

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Here’s Why You Should Forgive Yourself After One Bad Dieting Day

2014-11-11 01:31
bad dieting day

One of the biggest mistakes a dieter can make is emotionally kicking his or herself after slipping on their diet plan following an evening of bacchanal reverie with friends. So, why is it a mistake to be overly critical after stuffing your face while on a diet? According to Prevention magazine, the amount of weight you actually gain after one terrible day of eating is surprising low.

One mistake that many dieters make is deciding to start their diet on a particular day, swearing that no matter what, that they will stick to it to the extreme of deprivation until they’ve met thei

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Cut 250 Calories per Day with This One Food Trick Report Scientists

2014-11-10 08:00
cutting calories

Scientists have recently confirmed that one previously recommended trick recommended by Dr. Oz and other health experts actually works and can cut 250 calories per day - without feeling the pangs of hunger.

You have heard it over and over - fewer calories in and more calories burned equals guaranteed weight loss. However, it also guarantees that you will feel hungrier than usual.

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Here is How You Can Gut Check Weight Loss Ads on Their Believability

2014-11-05 03:23
weight loss

Weight loss ads specialize in pushing all the right psychological buttons to get us to buy into their promises of weight loss. While some supplements may actually AID weight loss WITH added diet and exercise, it can be hard to decide which one to choose. To help spot the fat phony from the real deal, the Bureau of Consumer Protection offers these 7 gut checks.

Gut Check #1: Causes weight loss of two pounds or more a week for a month or more without dieting or exercise.

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