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Diet and Weight Loss

Avoid the Dangers of Diet Fad Cleanses with This Almost-Vegan Natural Body Cleanse

2015-11-30 03:52

Are you looking for a safe and natural way to cleanse your body of fat-causing toxins? According to CBS News, you may want to try this new 14-day almost-vegan natural body cleanse that helps your body do the work it’s supposed to do.

Cleanses are a popular—but not always successful—way to beat bloat and give your body that jump-star

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FDA Releases Latest Nationwide Recall Alert of Diet Pill

2015-11-27 07:14
Illegal sibutramine found in another weigth loss pill

Recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis of a diet pill available online found that this diet product contains an undeclared controlled substance which was banned in the U.S. in 2010.

According to a recent FDA alert, the diet pill supplement company Fit, Firm & Fabulous is voluntarily issuing a recall of their Ultimate Herbal Slimcap capsules for weight los

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Here’s One Reason Why You May Be Unable to Lose Weight

2015-11-25 02:56
Fat controlling protein blocks thermogenesis

Do you ever wonder why your next door neighbor or best friend managed to lose weight on a diet that did not do anything for you but add to your weight loss frustration? A recent study published by University of Cambridge scientists found one reason that may explain why you may be unable to lose weight.

According to a news release from the University of Cambridge, researchers are one step closer to finding a safe way to trick the body into upping its metabolism and burn more calories for weight lo

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15 Reason This Element is Dieter and Weight Watchers' Best Friend

2015-11-24 17:06
Water and weight watchers

Water makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface and comprises 60% of our body’s makeup. Water is essential for every cell to live and for cellular function in both plants and animals. The foods we eat are made up of water but it is the water we drink that is most important for maintaining optimal health.

Water aids in weight loss – Water is the ultimate “low calorie” beverage and yet many people do not get adequate amounts on a daily basis.

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Why Low Fat Diet Is The Least Effective in Long Term, Says Harvard

2015-11-24 11:37
Low Fat Food

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, a Harvard study says low-fat diet is not the most effective diet. Here are the reasons.

The study, published in The Lancet (Oct 2015) compares randomized controlled trials (RTCs) on low-fat, low-carb and high fat diets.

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Are Low Energy Sweeteners aka Artificial Sweeteners OK After All?

2015-11-12 09:07
Diet drinks not responsible for weight gain

Are artificial sweeteners OK after all? A new paper claims that low energy sweeteners aka artificial sweeteners, do not cause an increase appetite.

In a new study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers state that the use of low energy sweeteners (LES) in place of sugar, in both children and adults, leads to red

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Does This New Coffee Trend Really Help With Weight Loss?

2015-11-11 03:45
Dieters try Ghee in their coffee

Devotees of a new way of making coffee using clarified milk is trending lately as a way to lose weight. But does this really make any sense? Here is what some doctors have to say about this latest weight loss trend.

According to Eyewitness News 3 WFSB TV in Hartford, Connecticut some coffee drinkers think that they have found a new way to lose weight by adding a type of butter called “Ghee” into their brew.

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Eat Pears to "Pare Down" Your Waistline

2015-11-10 21:23
Pears for weight loss

Pears are delicious and sweet with a slightly gritty texture and while we are warned about having a pear shape, eating pears will actually help you “pare down”, lose weight and lower blood sugar as well as prevent risk factors for many diseases.

When I think of pears I envision French countryside and svelte French women with tiny waistlines, and I can almost smell the pear blossoms.

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Makers of New Weight Loss Pill Are Seeking FDA Approval

2015-11-06 00:57
Balloon-in-a-pill for weight loss

There’s a new weight loss pill that has shown significant results in Europe and its makers are now seeking FDA approval to market it in America. “It’s a pill unlike any other out there because of what happens after you swallow it. Patients who have taken it are already seeing dramatic results with no surgery involved,” states NBC News anchor Lester Holt.

We’ve all heard about the non-surgical inflatable gastric balloon as a weight loss ai

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