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Diet and Weight Loss

A Four-Step Belly Fat Weight Loss Plan That Makes Sense

2014-09-30 07:57
weight loss flat belly

Do you find that no matter how much exercise you do, or how many calories you cut, that you actually wind up gaining rather than losing weight? Especially in the abdominal region as belly fat? There’s a reason for this says one weight loss expert who found the answer to her own weight loss attempts that she believes can work for you too—simply by eating the right foods at the right time of the day with this special diet that’s not a diet.

"Why are you not losing weight? Your own hormones could be to blame," says Dr.

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Take This Belly Fat Q & A Quiz for Fun and Weight Loss Success

2014-09-26 07:20
fun and weight loss

Do you think that you’ve heard it all when it comes to obesity and weight loss? Well here is your chance to test your knowledge about belly fat and possibly learn something new about weight loss that can help put you on the right track for fighting the battle of the bulge.

The following is a summary of a belly fat-related Q & A from with additional info and informative linked resources to help

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Consequences to Consider Before Losing that Extra Weight

2014-09-25 00:42
Losing Extra Weight

According to The View co-host Rosie O'Donnell, losing a significant amount of weight isn’t all positive she recently revealed on ABC News after having had a vertical gastric sleeve procedure that helped her lose 50 pounds. To help dieters prepare for potential consequences following successful weight loss, here is a summary about four things people don’t tell you about major weight loss as recently reported by writer Rachael Swalin for

According to ABC News during an interview of Ms.

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More Support Reported for Taking Red Palm Oil to Fight Belly Fat

2014-09-23 08:19
red palm oil for belly fat

Do you find it difficult to avoid high fat foods that contribute to your belly fat? Would you like to be able to take something that can lessen the effects of a high fat diet? Then you may be in luck - recent research adds more support toward why more Americans should be taking Red Palm oil to fight their belly fat.

Red Palm oil has been recommended in the past by Dr.

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Are Wearable Lifestyle Activity Monitors a Good Investment for Weight Loss?

2014-09-22 05:18
wearable monitor for weight loss

You’ve seen them on the wrists of others at the gym, at the office and at the supermarket - those cool, lite-weight lifestyle activity monitor bands that not only tell you how many steps you’ve taken throughout the day and hence the number of calories burned, but also your heart rate, skin sweat, body temperature, even your actual amount and quality of sleep. But as expensive as they are, are they really a good investment toward your weight loss? Or, would you be better off putting those dollars toward a new pair of running shoes?

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The Top 5 Easiest Diets to Follow for Weight Loss

2014-09-19 23:27
Easy diet and weight loss

Let’s face it - dieting is hard. And, some diets are harder than others. To help dieters make sound dieting decisions to meet their personal needs, U.S. News & World Report Health offers a special diet ranking of what their researchers found to be the easiest diets to follow for weight loss.

According to U.S. News & World Report Health, the easier a diet is to follow, the better the odds are of sticking to it.

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Here’s Why Your Diet Soda May Actually Prevent You from Losing Weight

2014-09-18 22:43
Diet soda and weight loss

A recent study suggests that diet sodas may actually be a culprit that prevents you from losing weight. This and other findings demonstrate that diet soda drinkers - especially older women - may be literally drinking themselves to death while trying to watch their figure.

One of the latest health trends observed by experts is that there appears to be a direct link between many - but not all - who are obese and the amount of diet sodas they drink.

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Is This the New Miracle Diet Pill We Have Been Waiting For?

2014-09-17 22:04
Miracle diet pill

According to NBC News Today’s Health segment, a new diet pill has just been approved by the FDA and is slated to be out possibly as early as the end of this year. This diet pill is a combination of an antidepressant and a drug that treats addiction. But is this really the new miracle diet pill we’ve been waiting for? And if it is, is it for everyone?

On Today’s Health, NYU professor Doctor Roshina Raj tells viewers that obesity is not just about being overweight, but a lot of it has to do with brain chemistry, which is why this drug co

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Low Carb or Low Fat, Which Is the Best Diet?

2014-09-16 21:28
low carb diet

Everybody has their favorite—either low carb or low fat when it comes to dieting. But which really is the best diet? To help dieters make an informed decision about their weight loss efforts, Dr. Oz’s partner-in-health, Dr. Michael Roizen, recently made this analysis for U.S. News & World Report readers as summarized below:


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The Cotton Ball Diet and Other Dieting Tricks You Should Never Try for Weight Loss

2014-09-15 09:32
Diets not to try

When it comes to dieting there is no single foolproof diet trick that works for everyone. And because of this, many dieters are open to trying just about ANYTHING to find that one special diet trick that just might result in their eventual weight loss success. But did you know that there are some diet tricks that persist that are more dangerous than they are effective? Here is a sampling of extreme diets that U.S. News & World Report recently advised dieters not to try.

Diet Trick #1: The Tapeworm Diet

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