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Diet and Weight Loss

Medical Tourism Can Be Fatal for Dieters

2015-07-07 02:43
Medical tourism

Are you thinking about going on a weight loss holiday for some "sun 'n surgery" fun to lose weight at a very affordable price? You may want to rethink that weight loss option per a news report that shows that medical tourism can become fatal for dieters.

A summer holiday can be a great way to escape the stress of work and bad eating habits of home and give your body a fighting chance to lose some of that excess weight. In fact, Dr.

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New England Journal of Medicine Reports New Weight Loss Drug Works

2015-07-02 23:50
New Weight Loss Drug

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that a drug used to treat diabetes also works as a new weight loss drug. However, here are that facts about what you need to know before deciding on taking this weight loss wonder.

Are you looking for the best-rated prescription weight loss drug available today?

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Belly Button Fad Could Lead to Dieting Disorder

2015-07-01 01:18
belly weight loss

It’s a new fad that could cause you to dislocate your shoulder. Here’s why taking the belly button challenge too far could do you harm.

Body shaming has reached a new low - about waist high - as reports of a Belly Button Challenge trending on social media has health experts concerned that it could lead to a dieting disorder.

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How Many Steps Should We Walk Each Day?

2015-06-28 23:47
walk steps for weight loss

When it comes to walking for exercise, the Golden Rule of fitness is 10,000 steps per day. But is this really the number we should be shooting for, or is less okay?

In a recent CBS News report, reporters asked the question of just where did that recommended 10,000 steps per day number come from?

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First known study uncovers what fructose does to your brain

2015-06-26 19:57
Fructose and the brain

Researchers have shown for the first time how fructose affects our brain in ways that could be contributing to diabetes, obesity and more.

Fructose that includes high fructose corn syrup or HFCS behaves differently in the body despite the fact that they have similar chemical compositions.

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Skinny Jeans and Spanx Warning for Women Who Want to Look Thin

2015-06-25 07:47
Skinny Jeans and spanx warning

There’s nothing wrong with dressing to look as thin as possible. However, when you squeeze into those skinny jeans or your favorite Spanx, when is tight too tight? Here is a recent warning for women who want to look thin about what you should especially not be doing while wearing constrictive clothing.

In a recent report on CBS News, a 35-year-old Australian woman found herself physically unable to walk after spending a day wearing her skinny jeans.

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Losing Weight While on Vacation Advice from Dr. Oz

2015-06-23 00:33
losing weight while on vacation

Do you dread going on vacation because you are worried that it will lead to your backsliding on your current weight loss efforts? Especially if you at one of those all-inclusive meal resorts or cruise ships! According to Doctor Oz, that does not have to happen. In fact, many people actually lose weight while on vacation when they follow his vacation weight loss tips.

"What happens when you go on vacation?

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Journal of Obesity Study Reveals the Trick to Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

2015-06-19 23:27
Obesity Study

Did you know that most dieters regain 40 percent of their lost weight in the first year after weight loss; and, eventually wind up regaining everything they lost within five years? A new study published in the Journal of Obesity reveals to dieters the trick to losing the weight and how to keep from regaining it.

According to the authors in a new study published in the Journal of Obesity, using Caloric Titration Method (CTM) resulted in significant weight loss differences between experimental and c

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Why Dieting Does More Than Exercise Toward Losing Weight

2015-06-17 23:33
dieting vs exercise

A recent analysis about what studies are really telling us about weight loss is that dieting does more good than exercising does toward losing weight.

According to a recent report by CBS News, most people mistakenly believe that if they overeat that it is okay as long as they exercise enough to burn off those extra calories.

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