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Diet and Weight Loss

Contentious Weight Loss Drug Not Natural Warns FDA

2015-04-24 06:29
weight loss

A contentious ingredient often hidden in weight loss drugs is in the spotlight again as the FDA begins to clamp down on makers of weight loss drugs who claim that the ingredients they are using are natural; and thereby, allowable by law. Here is what the FDA found with a listing of specific products, plus their cover names that you should watch out for in your weight loss supplements.

In a recent study, researchers expressed concern over discovering that of 21 weight loss supplements tested, 11 were found to contain

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Online Diet Pill Kills Young Woman

2015-04-23 02:15
Online diet pill risks

It’s one of the unfortunate hazards of the diet supplement industry - pills that offer a new life for dieters that actually take their lives away as reported recently by ABC News about a young woman from the UK who died from diet pills purchased online.

According to BBC News and ABC News, 21-year-old Eloise Parry died on April 12, shortly after she took 8 diet pills to lose weight that she had bought from an as-of-yet unidentifie

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Why Women Have a Harder Time Losing Weight

2015-04-21 00:42
Losing weight

It’s a fact of physiology and psychology - women unfortunately have a harder time losing weight. Here’s why, and what you can do about it to turn the tables on this sex-biased weight loss battle.

Having someone join you as a weight loss partner can be a great way to motivate yourself to stick with your weight loss efforts.

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Lose Weight Just 10 Minutes per Day with These Easy Yoga Moves

2015-04-20 04:24
Yoga for weight loss

Are you looking for something besides (or to supplement) dieting and strength training for losing those unwanted pounds? Here’s one man’s discovery on how yoga is great for losing weight, and a video on how to do nine easy yoga moves in just 10 minutes to help you shed those unwanted pounds.

Yoga is gaining in popularity as one weight loss method that is making believers out of people who previously would never have considered themselves becoming one of those incredibly lean, floor-mat

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Peruvian Superfoods Used by the Incas for Weight Loss

2015-04-17 00:29
Peruvian Superfoods for Weight Loss

It’s one problem many foreign newcomers discover after they have moved to America - they are getting fat! Here is what one health expert found when he came to America and how he developed Peruvian superfoods to fight his weight gain.

Peruvian health expert Manuel Villacorta was shocked to find that after moving to America that he had packed on an extra 25 pounds in a relatively short amount of time.

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More Recommended Weight Training Tips for Weight Loss

2015-04-16 08:46
weight training for weight loss

Last week, you were provided with 5 rules on how to maximize your weight training for weight loss. So now that you’ve started adding weight training to your diet plan, here are some additional recommended weight training tips that will further help your weight loss efforts.

According to heath science experts, weight training is a must for not only building stronger bones but also to make your

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News Testimony on How the HCG Diet Resulted in 1 Pound per Day Weight Loss

2015-04-14 00:00
HCG Diet results weight loss

Are you considering trying the HCG Diet for fast weight loss? Here are testimonies from one woman and one man who tried the HCG Diet as to whether it really can help you lose up to 1 pound per day.

According to a recent FOX News report, you can expect to see new weight loss clinics appear that are legally prescribing the HCG diet for patients who want to lose weight fast - even up to

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Get French-Slim with These Tips for Weight Loss

2015-04-13 03:32
Frensh weight loss

Do you ever wonder how so many French women stay slim in a country known for cooking everything in butter? According to a recent article in Shape magazine online, LeBootCamp owner, author and fitness expert Valerie Orsoni says that part of being French-slim is living each day with these following tips for weight loss.

Shape magazine writer Sara Angle tells us that it’s really not a life of croissants and cappuccinos for French women who are famously thin. According to Ms.

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Weight Loss App Reveals Future You

2015-04-09 22:54
Weight loss app

Are you looking for a new way to motivate your weight loss efforts? Dr. Oz recently showed viewers how they can use a new weight loss app that will reveal how your face will look after losing a specified number of pounds.

There’s a reason why we hang onto older images of ourselves on social media sites like Facebook—the younger we were, the less we typically weighed. And according to Dr.

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Hidden Amphetamine-like Ingredient Found in Weight Loss Pills

2015-04-08 03:44
Weight Loss Pill Risk

Health experts are warning consumers that your weight loss pills may actually contain a hidden amphetamine-like ingredient. Read on to discover what ingredient name is being used to disguise this potentially harmful substance found in many weight loss products.

According to a recent study published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis, an amphetamine-like compound called β-methylphenylethylamine (BMPEA) was discovered to be present in relativ

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