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Pans and health

When you bought your cookware, did you do research first? Probably not. You probably trusted that your store wasn't selling anything dangerous for cooking or that the FDA or other governmental agency would've banned any dangerous cookware products. But researchers have found that some cookware can have bad effects on your health.

Friday, 2016, December 2 - 6:29pm

Do you have the recalled hummus from Trader Joe's and Sabra in your refrigerator, and are you risking your health?

Friday, 2016, December 2 - 5:39pm
frankincense health benefits

The holiday season stirs up thoughts of frankincense, a substance derived from the Boswellia tree and a natural remedy with a long history of healing powers. However, not all of the benefits attributed to the herbal supplement have met the rigors of scientific scrutiny, so it seems like an appropriate time to review some of those findings.

Thursday, 2016, December 1 - 8:00pm
clothing and healthcare

One doctor admits that the way you dress when you go for a check-up can affect the level of healthcare you get. But it's a two-way street – research shows that the way your doctor dresses can affect your healthcare too!

Thursday, 2016, December 1 - 6:34pm
Young children and active health

Researchers have found that a lifestyle which is sedentary may undermine academic performance in boys.

Thursday, 2016, December 1 - 4:31pm
sports and heart health

U.K. researchers examined studies and surveys across England and Scotland and found the top sports and exercises that help protect your heart the most.

Thursday, 2016, December 1 - 2:49am

A prevention program has been found to safeguard kid's brains from damaging effects of poverty.

Wednesday, 2016, November 30 - 8:33am
Winter Exercise

The cold weather may make you feel too lazy to exercise. The cloudy skies don't help either. Here are some tips that will help you get your daily exercise this winter.

Wednesday, 2016, November 30 - 8:18am

Researchers have discovered platypus venom may turn out to be a new treatment for type 2 diabetes in people.

Wednesday, 2016, November 30 - 6:38am
Positive thoughts about social media

It is possible for Facebook users to avoid feeling depressed and instead use the site to promote mental health.

Tuesday, 2016, November 29 - 9:53pm
Giving Birth

Congratulations on your newborn! While you and the world are focusing on your new bundle of joy, some physical changes might start happening to your body. Don't worry – here are some healthy tips to ease your post-pregnancy changes.

Tuesday, 2016, November 29 - 6:15pm
Refreshing water

Teens are killing themselves by drinking too many sugary soft drinks which is hurting their health.

Tuesday, 2016, November 29 - 6:14am