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Solving Bowel Movement Problems

If you experience bowel movement problems you can change few habits and train your bowel to move daily. Here are five ways to solve your bowel movement problems and train your bowel to move daily.

Tuesday, 2015, October 6 - 8:38pm

Many women are concerned about menopause and the negative issues that are associated with it. It can be a difficult time for many women and can affect both physical and emotional health. As women get older, they slowly start to lose estrogen. This can affect various systems and functions of the body including bone structure, sexual activity, brain activity and different tissues. In addition, many women can experience painful intercourse and the loss of their libido that affects the quality of their lives. However, today you are able to buy Premarin Vaginal Cream and help treat many of these issues.

Tuesday, 2015, October 6 - 3:37pm
Diabetes vaccine and management

Potential new vaccine may prevent onset of Type 1 Diabetes. Results of new pilot study on Type 1 Diabetes Insulin vaccine leads to Stage 3 Clinical Trials.

Tuesday, 2015, October 6 - 2:33pm
life without breast cancer symptoms

Detecting breast cancer signs when the disease is in its early stage is a breakthrough in its management. How can it be detected at a very early stage? Jane Greg reports for eMaxHealth.

Tuesday, 2015, October 6 - 2:05pm
Carbs in Diabetes Management

As a family nurse practitioner, I work with patients who have Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes has been traditionally recognized as an excess of glucose in the bloodstream. However, over recent years, we have begun to realize that the elevated glucose levels are only part of the problem; insulin resistance is the other half of diabetes.

Tuesday, 2015, October 6 - 1:30pm
multiple sclerosis and whole body vibration treatment

Numerous studies, including a new meta-analysis, have explored the use of whole body vibration treatment for people with multiple sclerosis. Does this nondrug, noninvasive approach have a place in an MS treatment plan?

Tuesday, 2015, October 6 - 10:26am
What happens when you eat a Big Mac

Do you ever have one of those days when you can feel a Big Mac Attack coming on? Well, here’s some info about what that Big Mac is doing to your body along with just how long it really takes to fully digest one.

Tuesday, 2015, October 6 - 12:38am
Health Benefits of Seaweed

For thousands of years, seaweed has been used in many cultures, especially those in coastal regions, not only as a food source, but for its health benefits. Many of these areas such as Japan are considered “blue zones” where people are known to live longer and with fewer health problems. In fact, Japan has the highest number of octogenarians, people who live to be over the age of 100, in the world. Other well known “blue zones” are Sardinia, Italy, Loma Linda, California, and Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.(1)

Monday, 2015, October 5 - 11:25pm
Weight loss surgery and testosterone

Overweight and obesity are linked to low testosterone in men. This weight loss procedure, known as a sleeve gastrectomy, not only can help men lose weight, but it comes with an added perk of boosting testosterone levels.

Monday, 2015, October 5 - 9:12pm
Mary Roberts 100 pound weight loss

Meet Flaharty Roberts from Texas, who recently lost over 100 pounds of weight and says she doesn't exhibit Type 2 Diabetes symptoms after her remarkable weight loss. Here is Mary what Mary wrote to EmaxHealth about her weight loss story and how she did it.

Monday, 2015, October 5 - 9:53am
FDA sex supplement warning

Here are 6 red flags you should look for before considering trying a male sex supplement that promises to give your sex life a boost.

Monday, 2015, October 5 - 12:56am
81 pound weight loss

Today I was in one Facebook group where I noticed these pictures of a young woman, who achieved an amazing 81 pounds of weight loss just within six months. She didn’t do any quick fixes, but only changed few eating habits.

Saturday, 2015, October 3 - 4:23pm