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Vitaminwater made by Coca Cola is facing another lawsuit for false advertising that some bioethicists argue can actually cause blindness rather than “reduce the risk of eye disease” as claimed by Coca Cola’s marketers of Vitaminwater.

Friday, 2014, October 31 - 5:39am

A study currently being done at the University of Cincinnati is focusing on the connection between brain stimulation and pain. Researchers hope the Reduced Impedance Noninvasive Cortical Electrostimulation (RINCE) therapy will produce positive results for fibromyalgia patients. The research trial is part of a bigger project to discover if brain stimulation can be a useful treatment plan for fibromyalgia.

Thursday, 2014, October 30 - 8:02pm
Celiac Disease

A new study has found a connection between celiac disease and bone fractures. People who have the disorder are two times more likely to suffer a broken bone, and researchers believe they may understand why the numbers are higher. Malabsorption is a serious issue that is prevalent with this condition and appears to play a role in bone fractures

Thursday, 2014, October 30 - 5:39pm
Chili Pepper Lung Cancer Benefit

In an animal study Chili Pepper slowed aggressive lung cancer tumor growth, reports AICR today. Although this was observed in an animal study, still it's a good news that may open new avenues for lung cancer treatment.

Thursday, 2014, October 30 - 11:36am
lupus or multiple sclerosis

I recently spoke with a woman who had been diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), but several months later she was told her diagnosis was multiple sclerosis instead. How could the doctors get it wrong, she wanted to know?

Thursday, 2014, October 30 - 9:08am
High-Protein Snack for weight loss

Studies show that the amount of snaking a person does in one day typically equals a fourth daily meal when it comes to calories consumed. While a snack is usually allowed in most diet plans to stave off that mid-afternoon hunger pain, you have to be snack-smart to make the most of that tiny meal. Here are 7 high-protein snack recommendations recently reported on ABC News that can help you toward weight loss.

Thursday, 2014, October 30 - 6:03am
Chili with Tofu

America’s leading tofu purveyor since 1983, House Foods, is cooking up a meatless feast for the conclusion of Vegetarian Awareness Month. House Foods Tofu Chili is a healthy and flavorful dish for all to enjoy.

Wednesday, 2014, October 29 - 9:31pm
Breasta cancer and obesity

Research learns how obesity connects to different cancer types and especially to breast cancer in African American and Hispanic women.

Wednesday, 2014, October 29 - 8:01pm

Normally I write about autism but a debate on my Facebook wall, of all places, brought to the forefront how important this ruling--this decision is to the world. The question: Exactly how much suffering is enough suffering to end another’s life?

Wednesday, 2014, October 29 - 7:25pm
Gluten-free cooking

Gravy is an essential part of Thanksgiving, but people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities usually cannot use the traditional recipes because they have wheat or another source of the protein. However, there are many gluten-free alternatives available today, so you can still enjoy gravy at a feast. From packaged mixes to easy recipes, you can find a variety of options.

Wednesday, 2014, October 29 - 5:37pm
Autistic child found

An autistic boy who disappeared in Baker County was found in the woods, but he is in critical condition. The family of Peyton Blodgett shares the 8-year-old was included in a Florida Missing Child Alert, and an estimated 300 people searched for him. However, his health remains an issue, so he has not been released from a hospital.

Tuesday, 2014, October 28 - 9:42pm
Gluten-free pet food

Gluten is not an issue limited to the human population, and pets can also be allergic to this protein. A recent study from Chapman University has discovered problems with labels on common pet food brands, and previous research has indicated that gluten is sometimes present in products labeled as gluten-free. This has created new concerns for pet owners who worry about the food they are purchasing.

Tuesday, 2014, October 28 - 8:40pm