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Blenders decrease fiber and raise sugar warns dietician

Smoothies are reportedly great for dieting. But is this really true? Here’s one reason why that fruit smoothie might actually be sabotaging your diet.

Tuesday, 2016, July 26 - 4:50am
Best time to plan your next meal is when you are not hungry shows study

Looking for a new trick to help you with your diet? Here’s one simple trick a study found that resulted in test subjects eating fewer calories at mealtime.

Tuesday, 2016, July 26 - 4:10am

Do you want to get your health and normal weight back after addiction?

Monday, 2016, July 25 - 6:12pm
remember to take vitamin supplements

Did you remember to take your vitamin supplements today? Let’s face it: you get busy and distracted and it can be darn easy to forget to take any of your natural supplements unless you set up a system or routine to help you remember.

Sunday, 2016, July 24 - 12:47pm
why some women can't stop eating

Researchers have found an answer as to why severely obese women can’t stop eating, even when they aren’t hungry. According to Dr. Nancy Puzziferri, senior author of a new study from UT Southwestern Medical Center, their findings “may explain why some people with severe obesity report an underlying drive to eat continually despite not feeling hungry.”

Saturday, 2016, July 23 - 11:12am
Here's a healthy pizza video for calorie counters

Think you can’t have pizza any more just because you are on a diet? Think again and rejoice with these tips from Dr. Oz on how to cut calories when eating pizza; plus, a calorie-smart and delicious recipe for a quick and easy healthy pizza.

Friday, 2016, July 22 - 11:21pm

If you are struggling to lose weight and keep it off long-term, then these strategies can help.

Thursday, 2016, July 21 - 6:40pm
omega 3 and colon cancer

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosis in the US. Lower your risk today with this easy and tasty diet change.

Thursday, 2016, July 21 - 11:01am
Research that fitness tracker before buying

Are you one of the many users of wearable fitness trackers? Or thinking about becoming one? Here’s a recent update that asks if we have gone overboard with wearable technology and what you need to know before buying one.

Thursday, 2016, July 21 - 6:08am

Are you wondering how to use food substitutions to make your meals healthier, so you can lose weight?

Wednesday, 2016, July 20 - 3:46pm
Belviq XR for weight loss

Here’s the latest on a one-a-day diet pill the FDA recently approved that could be on the shelves by this fall.

Wednesday, 2016, July 20 - 12:02am
Health expert Cassie White demonstrates HIIT at home

No time to go to the gym for a workout? Make up for it at home with these free bodyweight exercise videos from personal trainer, yoga teacher and health journalist Cassie White, so that you can get HIIT fit fast.

Tuesday, 2016, July 19 - 9:12am