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celluite reduction and treatment

An exciting new announcement for women who suffer from unsightly cellulite has just been released by the biopharmaceutical company Auxilium, who reports that a penis drug to improve curvature of the penis has also been found to reduce cellulite in women.

Thursday, 2014, August 21 - 1:17pm
A poor baby

Throughout the history of mankind cruel elitists among very wealthy classes of people have insisted if you have good intentions and try hard to do well in life being poor should not matter. People suffering in poverty have all along known this simply is not true.

Thursday, 2014, August 21 - 11:28am
Hydrating the homeless

Water – more specifically buckets of ice cold water – has been making quite a splash across the internet these past few days in the form of a charity movement referred to as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This splash, which could be more accurately described as a viral tidal wave, has caused such a storm that members of social media websites have been divided into two distinct and very opposite groups:

Thursday, 2014, August 21 - 10:52am
Autism Prevalence Numbers

The Autism Prevalence Numbers are shocking every other year when they are released. We always think that Autism numbers couldn’t get any higher, that they could not increase anymore. Yet we are always proven wrong.

Wednesday, 2014, August 20 - 10:12pm
Melanoma skin cancer

A new study focuses on the deadliest melanomas that have been labeled as high-risk for patients. Researchers have discovered that tumors with high mitotic rates have an impact on how quickly doctors can find them. Now, they hope their findings will help improve the rate of melanoma skin cancer diagnosis.

Wednesday, 2014, August 20 - 9:12pm
Human brain

Testosterone is important for a healthy threat response in healthy men. This awareness is important in helping us to better understand the 'fight or flight' response in men which may be associated with aggression and anxiety.

Wednesday, 2014, August 20 - 12:45pm
Car accident

It has been observed that a crack down on drunk driving with harsh laws has lead to safer roads. In view of the tragically high rate of serious injuries and deaths associated with drunk driving this is significant.

Tuesday, 2014, August 19 - 4:50pm
Are you being controlled by bacteria?

Is bacteria responsible for controlling our mind? New research suggests microbes in our gut could affect what we eat and also our mood.

Tuesday, 2014, August 19 - 3:49pm
vaginal dryness and sea buckthorn

Vaginal dryness is a problem that affects more than half of postmenopausal women and many younger women as well. Sea buckthorn oil may provide effective relief.

Tuesday, 2014, August 19 - 6:43am
city and food allergy

A new study reveals that children who live in the city are at a higher risk of food allergies. The research went beyond the usual information about asthma to consider how allergies to food differ among urban and rural kids. The study mentions that children in urban areas have food allergies at a rate of 1 out of 10.

Monday, 2014, August 18 - 7:55pm
Supplemental Health Insurance

Unexpected accidents and illnesses happen to everyone at one time or another. When they do, the resulting costs can leave you and your family vulnerable to out-of-pocket expenses that can often significantly deplete emergency funds and savings accounts.

Monday, 2014, August 18 - 5:25pm
Autistic children's parents and school districtantipathy

Feeling left behind: One mother of an Autistic child, numerous school districts, and the strong antipathy between them.

Monday, 2014, August 18 - 5:01pm