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documentary on multiple sclerosis

A 20-minute documentary on multiple sclerosis, entitled simply “SM” (the original title in Polish) offers a poignant look at the lives, thoughts, and goals of three people with the disease. The two women and one man, who range in age from 20 to 61, demonstrate the universality of the determination, hope, and challenges of the disease.

Thursday, 2015, July 2 - 12:53pm

Researchers have discovered that clothes and jewelry are linked to people’s emotional states. In addition, formal wear has a strong connection to a person’s mood. Although you may not notice how much your outfit or jewelry affects you on a daily basis, scientists have found that your attire can reveal your state of mind.

Wednesday, 2015, July 1 - 9:29pm
belly weight loss

It’s a new fad that could cause you to dislocate your shoulder. Here’s why taking the belly button challenge too far could do you harm.

Wednesday, 2015, July 1 - 1:18am

As more people make an effort to eat healthier, they are making juice diets, nuts and supplements more popular. However, did you know that some of these healthy favorites can be dangerous for your teeth? Many foods that contribute to overall health can turn into dental nightmares. The following five popular healthy items can harm your teeth.

Tuesday, 2015, June 30 - 7:02pm
Music shares the same beat across the world, study finds.

Researchers from University of Exeter and Tokyo University of the Arts recently explored why people make music. Is making music more than just individual expression?

Tuesday, 2015, June 30 - 7:55am
184,000 deaths found from sugar sweetened drinks in 2010

Consumption of sugar sweetened drinks, especially among youth, has become a major health concern. Findings published recently in the journal Circulation suggest sweetened beverages might contribute to up to 184,000 deaths or disability each year.

Monday, 2015, June 29 - 6:28pm
walk steps for weight loss

When it comes to walking for exercise, the Golden Rule of fitness is 10,000 steps per day. But is this really the number we should be shooting for, or is less okay?

Sunday, 2015, June 28 - 11:47pm
Caring for Betta fish and type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes can be difficult to control, especially for active teens. Results of a new study show taking care of pets, in this case a fish, can help teenagers manage diabetes that ultimately means fewer complications from the disease.

Sunday, 2015, June 28 - 1:40pm
Chinese Mushroom for Weight Loss

Here is the latest on a Chinese mushroom extract that scientists report reduced the body weight of mice on a high-fat diet.

Sunday, 2015, June 28 - 1:33am
tremors in multiple sclerosis

Tremors are one of the more common symptoms of multiple sclerosis. This uncontrollable shaking can be especially bothersome, embarrassing, and debilitating at times, but there are ways to help manage it.

Saturday, 2015, June 27 - 11:57am
How to lower your triglyceride levels

Omega-3 fatty acids can help lower your triglyceride levels. But you should know which products work best, how much you should take and what level of triglycerides is considered dangerous to heart health. Keeping your triglyceride level in check is also possible with lifestyle changes.

Saturday, 2015, June 27 - 10:48am
Fructose and the brain

Researchers have shown for the first time how fructose affects our brain in ways that could be contributing to diabetes, obesity and more.

Friday, 2015, June 26 - 7:57pm