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community gardening yields weight loss

Community gardening is becoming increasingly popular in cities and towns across the United States, and it appears participants are taking home more than fresh vegetables. Several studies show that community gardening yields weight loss and better health for those willing to get their hands a little dirty.

Sunday, 2016, June 26 - 3:25pm
HGH weight loss

Can Human Growth Hormone (HGH) slim you down and make you buff without exercise or dieting? Scientists have found that the benefits of taking HGH supplements include fat loss and bigger muscles.

Saturday, 2016, June 25 - 11:37pm
Arnold Schwarzenegger Vegan

“Less meat, less heat, more life” is how the former governor approaches the controversial issue of going vegan for the environment, animal rights, and human health.

One of the best bodybuilders of all time campaigns for a vegan lifestyle! Arnold Schwarzenegger has teamed up with renowned filmmaker James Cameron to campaign for a vegan lifestyle. You may not believe it looking at the former Terminator and Governor of California, but Arnold is VEGAN!

Saturday, 2016, June 25 - 4:31pm
bite counting

You may be familiar with the apps that count your steps, motivating you to walk at least 10,000 steps per day or apps that help count the vegetables you eat. Now there is a wearable bite counting device that may motivate you to take fewer bites and assist with weight loss.

Friday, 2016, June 24 - 8:27pm
Ice water and weight loss

While it may sound counter-intuitive, drinking warm or room temperature water in the summer heat is actually better for your body than iced beverages.

Friday, 2016, June 24 - 5:26pm
diet changes to reduce cancer risk

We don’t always know what causes cancer, but research shows that we can have a significant impact on reducing our risk with some simple lifestyle changes. Take a look at these eight diet recommendations and see how you can work them into your daily life today.

Friday, 2016, June 24 - 3:55pm
fat burning vest

There's this new invention: The Thin Ice Vest. It burns your fat just by wearing it!

Friday, 2016, June 24 - 3:19pm

Why do you run? Usually it is for cardiovascular fitness. But did you know that it also can benefit your brain as well?

Friday, 2016, June 24 - 2:59pm
weight loss and timing meals

Are you on a regular schedule with your meals? If not, you could be interfering with your ability to adequately lose weight and reduce risk of disease.

Thursday, 2016, June 23 - 4:48pm
Gaining weight

If you're not getting your daily nutrients, it could lead to weight gain! What's worse -- eating certain foods can make your nutrient deficiencies worse.

Thursday, 2016, June 23 - 1:02am
healthy food

There is a thin line between love and hate. And when that line is all that is standing between you and a chocolate fudge brownie, it’s almost invisible. In order to thrive, let’s end the self-punishment and give food, and ourselves, a second chance.

Wednesday, 2016, June 22 - 9:51pm
Weight loss Myths

If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight or just shed a few pounds, then you know the path to reaching your target weight can sometimes be discouraging, frustrating and even unhealthy. These busted myths will help you drop that weight the healthy and mindful way.

Wednesday, 2016, June 22 - 9:36pm