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Magic mushrooms

Researchers have found the hallucinogenic drug known as psilocybin helps to ease existential anxiety which people with life threatening cancer experience.

Saturday, 2016, December 10 - 7:05am

You can still have a delicious holiday dinner with healthier food choices. Have you considered using simple food swaps in your kitchen?

Friday, 2016, December 9 - 9:12pm
Being positive

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.

Friday, 2016, December 9 - 2:49pm
Too much to drink

Researchers have found drinking a lot of alcohol can change the brains of adolescents.

Friday, 2016, December 9 - 2:02pm
Medical codes

Ever wonder what sort of medical codes are on your chart? Hopefully not these! Here are some funny medical codes that actually exist!

Friday, 2016, December 9 - 10:35am
Kids and bpa

There are many teethers on the market which may soothe your baby but which may also contain low levels of BPA.

Friday, 2016, December 9 - 6:47am
Holiday weight loss book

Are you tired of suffering through holiday weight gain each year? Nutritionist trainer, and former professional boxer Cristy "Code Red" Nickel has these secrets to keeping the dreaded seasonal bulk at bay. Read on to learn tips from her new book on how to maintain (or even lose) weight throughout the holidays and beyond.

Thursday, 2016, December 8 - 11:57am
Gluten Free Bread

In this story Dr Chad Larson is discussing tips for navigating the holiday season with a suspected gluten intolerance. The foods we eat during the holidays are often not the same (or as healthy) as what we eat the rest of the year and that can be tricky for those who either suffer from a gluten sensitivity or those who are not feeling well after partaking in holiday feasts and suspect they may be experiencing a reaction to gluten.

Thursday, 2016, December 8 - 10:07am

Researchers have discovered a direct link exists between loss of REM sleep and the desire for sugary and fatty foods and so therefore sleeping well may decrease this desire for unhealthy food.

Thursday, 2016, December 8 - 5:21am
Brain Tumor Treatment

When you get a cold, each tiny virus infiltrates the wall of an unlucky cell, sheds its outer coating, and travels along the cell's inner scaffolding to the nucleus. Once there, surrounded by the cell's DNA-replicating machinery, the virus releases its DNA. With the cold virus, it rarely damages your own DNA, but it commandeers the nearby molecular factories to churn out more copies of itself. Eventually, the newly manufactured machines burst out of the cell, destroying it.

Wednesday, 2016, December 7 - 3:45pm
improve sleeping

Missing out on just an hour or two of sleep may not seem like a lot. However, this can make it quite dangerous for you to get behind the wheel of a car.

Wednesday, 2016, December 7 - 3:34pm
quick smoking

Breaking news reveals that if you smoke even just one cigarette a day, you're still increasing your risk of dying early. Here are some ways to help you quit smoking for good.

Wednesday, 2016, December 7 - 2:09pm