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red palm oil for belly fat

Do you find it difficult to avoid high fat foods that contribute to your belly fat? Would you like to be able to take something that can lessen the effects of a high fat diet? Then you may be in luck - recent research adds more support toward why more Americans should be taking Red Palm oil to fight their belly fat.

Tuesday, 2014, September 23 - 8:19am

Fox59 recently helped a college student with Crohn's disease. The news agency's intervention will hopefully raise more awareness of difficulties experienced by people diagnosed with the disease.

Monday, 2014, September 22 - 3:08pm
multiple sclerosis drug and relapse

A potential new multiple sclerosis drug has been shown to significantly reduce relapse rate. In addition, results of the six-month Phase 2 trial also indicated two other important findings.

Monday, 2014, September 22 - 10:12am
wearable monitor for weight loss
Monday, 2014, September 22 - 5:18am

Adults with autism continue to face ongoing problems with health insurance, and age is at the center of the debates. Most programs offer coverage through the age of 21, but families are left with the difficulty of finding new services once their loved ones are older. This leaves thousands of autistic people without the coverage they need.

Saturday, 2014, September 20 - 6:15pm

A Chinese restaurant shut its doors temporarily after the owner posted a rant about customers. In his list, he included people who require gluten-free menu options. Employees at SO Restaurant claim the location is back in business, but the owner’s message may keep people away.

Saturday, 2014, September 20 - 5:09pm
spasticity, multiple sclerosis and marijuana

Perhaps you have read previous reports about how a spray marijuana product may help with spasticity in multiple sclerosis. Now there is a new study in which researchers have noted this phenomenon and published their findings.

Saturday, 2014, September 20 - 7:23am
Easy diet and weight loss

Let’s face it - dieting is hard. And, some diets are harder than others. To help dieters make sound dieting decisions to meet their personal needs, U.S. News & World Report Health offers a special diet ranking of what their researchers found to be the easiest diets to follow for weight loss.

Friday, 2014, September 19 - 11:27pm
New Crohn's disease treatment guidelines issued

The American Gastroenterological Society has issued new guidelines for treating Crohn's disease that is based on symptoms and treating inflammation. Past treatment was geared toward relieving symptoms that failed to prevent complications including fistulas, abscess and strictures, the group notes.

Friday, 2014, September 19 - 8:40am
Diet soda and weight loss

A recent study suggests that diet sodas may actually be a culprit that prevents you from losing weight. This and other findings demonstrate that diet soda drinkers - especially older women - may be literally drinking themselves to death while trying to watch their figure.

Thursday, 2014, September 18 - 10:43pm
fak autism charity

Investigators have uncovered another fake charity for autism that wasted funds on personal purchases instead of the promised services. Brandie Christian and Joshua Hani are accused of running a false charity and using the money collected from donors to buy ridiculous items that they claimed were for the children.

Thursday, 2014, September 18 - 8:44pm
GF Pizza

Papa Murphy’s is joining forces with Udi’s to cater to people with celiac disease by offering gluten-free pizza. The companies will remain independent, but the partnership will allow them to share resources. Consumers should start seeing the new products at Papa Murphy’s locations soon.

Thursday, 2014, September 18 - 5:28pm