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Bird watching lifts depression, study finds

Watching birds is an easy way to give mental health a boost and it may be the one easiest thing you can do today. New research suggest bird watching is something we all might consider doing on a regular basis to lift depression and calm anxiety.

Sunday, 2017, February 26 - 8:55am

Researchers say they have determined there is a "tipping point" which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Sunday, 2017, February 26 - 8:08am
rats, seoul virus, cdc, who

Wisconsin was hit with eight cases of a relatively new hantavirus. The CDC released a warning and alert for what's known as the Seoul virus.

Sunday, 2017, February 26 - 7:13am
fatty embolism, broke fracture

A fatty embolism can cause life-threatening conditions. There are several risk factors that can make you more prone to developing one.

Sunday, 2017, February 26 - 4:25am
Foods that naturally help with sleep

Eating certain foods with prebiotics are shown in a new study to help with sleep. The good news is there are no supplements or prescriptions needed for getting enough sleep that in turn can protect from chronic diseases and more.

Saturday, 2017, February 25 - 10:42am
chlamydia, STD, testing

If you're sexually active, you should be aware that STDs that are sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise. Here's what you need to know on how to stay safe.

Saturday, 2017, February 25 - 9:57am

Researchers say you can teach yourself to be happy with imagery training.

Saturday, 2017, February 25 - 8:16am
Equine-Assisted  therapy is a good alternative treatment for people with Autism

Equine - assisted therapy was put to the test in order to establish its efficacy as a treatment for Autism. In a new research where autistic patients were assisted in engaging with trained horses, it was observed that participants improved some of the traits affecting Autistic patients, like: sociability and motor skills.

Friday, 2017, February 24 - 9:46pm
Could fasting reverse diabetes and regrow new cells in the pancreas?

Mouse studies suggest there could be hope for reversing diabetes through a type of diet that mimics fasting. Could intermittent fasting then eating what you want reverse diabetes in humans?

Friday, 2017, February 24 - 7:03pm
Time and obesity

Early birds are more like to make healthy diet choices, and thus are less likely to be overweight.

Friday, 2017, February 24 - 2:58pm

Whether you need a quick snack or have a craving, gluten-free energy bars exist that are safe for celiac disease. They can give you a quick nutritional boost and help you survive until dinner.

Friday, 2017, February 24 - 2:36pm
Fruits and veggies for COPD

Those affected by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD may want to include certain fruits and vegetables into their daily diet.

Friday, 2017, February 24 - 2:36pm