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It might sound unfair, but cold weather affects your work performance. That means you're less efficient in the winter. But, that doesn't mean you don't have any control over it – here are four ways you can boost your productivity this winter and counter these productivity-lowering seasonal effects!

Tuesday, 2016, October 25 - 1:29pm
An aging woman

Researchers have discovered that glutathione helps resist the toxic stresses of everyday life but the levels decrease with age and this sets off many age associated health problems.

Tuesday, 2016, October 25 - 9:29am

Researchers at Kumamoto University in Japan say they have isolated a natural compound isolated from onions called onionin A (ONA) which has several properties that help fight ovarian cancer.

Tuesday, 2016, October 25 - 6:01am
FDA reminds pet owners hazards of chocolate in the home

Here’s a Halloween reminder from the FDA on how much chocolate can actually make your pooch sick―or even die―from chocolate-related toxicity.

Tuesday, 2016, October 25 - 5:06am

If you are overwhelmed by options and struggling to pick the right sports gear, then consider these ideas.

Tuesday, 2016, October 25 - 12:03am

Are you trying to lose weight while you deal with diabetes and want a natural way to shed the extra pounds?

Monday, 2016, October 24 - 4:57pm
Plaque HD toothpaste lowers heart attack risk

Making an investment in a new toothpaste could literally save your life, according to a new report. Switching to Plaque HD toothpaste was shown in a first study to lower inflammation in the body.

Monday, 2016, October 24 - 4:00pm

Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD is a narrowing of the blood vessels – most commonly in the legs – that can lead to an increased risk of very serious health conditions. Diet plays a very important part in the care of PAD.

Monday, 2016, October 24 - 3:40pm

If you want an easier way to make juicing a daily habit, then consider the following tips.

Monday, 2016, October 24 - 2:57pm

Implementing a health program within the workplace has great benefits to both employees and employers.

Monday, 2016, October 24 - 2:24pm
Skype and Facetime okay for toddlers

Is it okay for your infant or toddler to be exposed to digital media? Here’s a report about the latest guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how to integrate screen time in a healthy way for families.

Monday, 2016, October 24 - 4:35am

According to new research memory retention is significantly improved with exercise.

Sunday, 2016, October 23 - 1:22am