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Bioresonance therapy is an alternative medicine therapy that shows promising results for various ailments. Here's what it is, and what scientists have discovered about its applications.

Thursday, 2017, January 19 - 6:38am
healthy snacks

Here are eight healthy bedtime snacks that will make you gain less weight.

Thursday, 2017, January 19 - 1:17am

You've seen children wearing braces and probably assumed it's because they have slightly misaligned teeth. But you're not a child, and there are some things you're unhappy about your teeth – did you know you can still get braces?

Thursday, 2017, January 19 - 12:37am

If you are struggling to determine if corn starch is safe for celiac disease and gluten-free diets, then the following information can help.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 10:18pm
Sitting accelerates aging, study finds

Once again researchers warn us that sitting can accelerate aging by as much as eight years. A new study highlights what our body is really doing on a cellular level when we are sedentary.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 7:29pm
Study shows minimal acupuncture treats colicky babies

Results of a study published in the journal Acupunture in Medicine suggests crying, colicky babies might respond to acupuncture treatment. The finding has seemingly left some experts aghast.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 3:56pm
cutting down work related stress

Researchers say that prolonged exposure to stress associated with work is thought to be related to some cancers.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 12:54pm
fertility, pregnancy

A London gynecologist developed a new fertility treatment that can give young girls a miracle later on in life.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 8:06am
magnesium, cars, health

Today a news release reveals that Birmingham City University is going to help find a more economical way to manufacture magnesium components. But the miraculous element doesn't just do wonders for the environment, it also does wonders for your body.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 4:22am
A Mediterranean styled salad

Researchers have found there is a positive effect on brain volume from the Mediterranean diet.

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 11:22pm

If you are trying to get rid of an acne scar, then you may want to pay attention to these home remedies.

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 2:08pm
video games

In recent news, a prominent nurse speaks on the health effects of video games.

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 12:12pm