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fertility, pregnancy

A London gynecologist developed a new fertility treatment that can give young girls a miracle later on in life.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 8:06am
magnesium, cars, health

Today a news release reveals that Birmingham City University is going to help find a more economical way to manufacture magnesium components. But the miraculous element doesn't just do wonders for the environment, it also does wonders for your body.

Wednesday, 2017, January 18 - 4:22am
A Mediterranean styled salad

Researchers have found there is a positive effect on brain volume from the Mediterranean diet.

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 11:22pm

If you are trying to get rid of an acne scar, then you may want to pay attention to these home remedies.

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 2:08pm
video games

In recent news, a prominent nurse speaks on the health effects of video games.

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 12:12pm
epipen, asthma, allergy

If you remember last summer they raised the cost of EpiPens, now they've thankfully lowered them!

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 7:51am
ASBESTOS, mesothelioma

Scientists may have found a key molecule that can help doctors detect mesothelioma cancer in asbestos-exposed people before it advances into later stages.

Tuesday, 2017, January 17 - 2:13am

Researchers have found a compound from chicory offers a possible treatment strategy for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

Monday, 2017, January 16 - 6:14pm
Marijuana health effects reviewed

Here are the results of a review of research of the good and not so good health effects of cannabis from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that you can read in twenty seconds.

Monday, 2017, January 16 - 4:06pm

If you are wondering if fibromyalgia is considered an autoimmune disease, then the following information from experts will help.

Monday, 2017, January 16 - 1:26pm
workout walking and talking

Your cell phone may be interfering with your exercise if you walk and talk during a workout.

Monday, 2017, January 16 - 11:39am
curing burned wound

In Ancient China, they called tea, “[that which] is cold and lowers fire.” Inflammation was known as “fire” in China, which is understandable given inflammation's symptoms (feeling of heat, redness, and etc.) But the Ancient Chinese knew tea heals your body in many more ways – here's a bit about the health benefits of tea and what scientists have found.

Monday, 2017, January 16 - 8:55am