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coffee and erectile dysfunction

Men may want to take note of the power of coffee for keeping erectile dysfunction at bay. Researchers have discovered drinking two cups of coffee a day seems to have a positive effect on blood flow to the penis, which in turn could potentially keep your man parts in good working order.

Friday, 2015, May 22 - 10:26am
Botox for depression

Botulinum toxin A, also known as Botox, could be a welcome wrinkle in the treatment of depression. A new report presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association noted that the drug beat placebo in managing this all-too-common condition.

Friday, 2015, May 22 - 10:03am
Celiac Disease and Wholesale meats

The SP Wholesale Meats company is recalling several varieties of its sausages because wheat is not included on the label. If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, the company recommends avoiding the recalled items. The problem has been traced to gluten-contaminated oregano from a separate spice company.

Thursday, 2015, May 21 - 12:08am
Taking charge of your health means knowing what your Medicare Advantage plan covers

What don’t you know about your own Medicare supplement that can end up costing you or helping you in the long-run? Here are six things you need to know about your Medicare Advantage health plan that surprisingly few people take time to explore.

Wednesday, 2015, May 20 - 9:33pm
multiple sclerosis and celiac disease

A recent study suggests there is an association between multiple sclerosis and celiac disease that involves nerve damage. Although on the surface the relationship between these two diseases may not be obvious, closer examination makes it clearer.

Wednesday, 2015, May 20 - 3:22pm
acupuncture for multiple sclerosis

Some people turn to acupuncture for multiple sclerosis, but use of this alternative or complementary treatment choice is not well studied. Here’s what a recent review and an additional study have to say about the use of acupuncture for relief of MS symptoms. Please feel free to share your experiences!

Sunday, 2015, May 17 - 4:47pm
sunburn home remedies

The dreaded sunburn is hard to avoid in some cases. The onset can be so quick that you rarely see it coming. However, this does not take away from the severity of it. Not only is sunburn painful, with tight, hot skin giving way to peeling and blistering, but it is also bad for your long-term health. Even a single serious burn early on can double your lifetime risk of developing melanoma later in life.

Thursday, 2015, May 14 - 6:38pm

Blood is the biggest organ in our body and blood health is often overlooked. As a hematologist, I often get questions about diet especially whether there are special nutrients that would boost the blood counts. Although there is no one special food or diet that is known to be improving blood health, there are common nutritional problems that can be linked to low blood counts.

Thursday, 2015, May 14 - 11:17am
chikungunya update as vacation season arrives

As we enter vacation season, concerns about what to pack should also be accompanied by awareness of mosquito-borne diseases. Chikungunya is one such disease, so here’s what you and your family should know about it.

Thursday, 2015, May 14 - 10:31am
Fibromyalgia blood test

Instead of struggling to get a diagnosis, imagine being able to walk into a doctor’s office to get a simple blood test for fibromyalgia. This dream may become a reality thanks to new research being done by scientists at King's College London. They recently received a large grant to help them create a reliable blood test that could diagnose fibromyalgia.

Wednesday, 2015, May 13 - 6:22pm

A new study presented at the Digestive Disease Week conference reveals that probiotics can be contaminated with gluten. This creates a serious risk for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate gluten labeling for prescription or over-the-counter medications, and supplements can contain the protein.

Wednesday, 2015, May 13 - 5:40pm
diabetic neuropathy and fish oil

Results of a new study suggest that fish oil may help restore the nerve damage associated with diabetic neuropathy. The study was conducted in mice, and there are plans to perform studies in diabetic patients with neuropathy.

Tuesday, 2015, May 12 - 9:40am